Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


25. Louis' Sister


'I.. b-broke up with him..'  she finally managed to say.

I was shocked. I just sat there looking at her don't knowing what to say.

Inside I felt like I could jump in the air and scream.

Abi's not dating Josh anymore. So maybe I can tell her how I feel about her.

But first of all she has to go through this whole 'pregnant' thing.

I'm not even sure if she is. But the way she acts arround me and the others makes me believe she's.

I don't know if this is good.

'Abi love, I'm so sorry..' I whispered pulling her into a hug.

'No Niall, it's all my fault. He's been such an asshole and I didn't even notice. I'm so mad! I didn't expect things would turn out so bad. I mean look at me. I'm just a piece of nothing sitting here and crying my soul out.' she stated.

'No Abi, you're the most wondeful person I even met and don't say something like this. 

Whatever will happen to you,I'll always be there for you. And we will get through it together.' I reassured her.


Abi's P.O.V.


'...whatever will happen to you, I'll always be there for you. And we will get through it together.' 

Niall said smiling at me.

I'm confused.  

What does he mean by get through it together ?

Does he know about my cancer?! NOWAY! He can't know about it!

I told Sibel and Harry to keep it as a secret. But Niall should have something on his mind.

I need to find out what he's talking about.

'Niall, what do you mean? I told you I'm alright..' I mumbled still a bit irritaded.

'Love, don't try to fool me. I know what's going on. But I just dont get why you didn't told me? I thought I was your best friend. I thought you would trust me..' he said quiter this time facing the ground.

Shit. He knows.

I felt another tear escape my eyelashes. 

'I-I don't know.. I thought you would get hurt..' I mumbled trying to hold back more tears.

'But why? Sooner or Later I would know about it right?' he asked looking at me with confusion in his eyes.

'Yeah.. but I prefer later.. I don't want you to get upset.' I said facing the ground.

he stood up from the bed and kneeled down in front of me placing his hands on my tigh.

'You might be right.. I would be upset. But I'm even more upset that you didn't tell me.. I mean that's not even your fault. Josh could have taken care of you. It's his fault too. Don't be that said we will go through it I promise..' he said smiling at me.

Josh? What does he mean by 'Josh's fault too'? I'm even more confused.

'Niall what are you talking about? Josh is not even involved in this!'

He stands up and looks at me quite shocked.

'Niall.. did Harry tell you anything? I-I mean.. did he tell you what happened at the hospital and why he's been so nice to me the past days?' I ask trying not to take the wrong words.

Niall was shocked. I could tell he even got anrgy. But why?

'Harry?!' he asked a bit louder than before.

'Y-yeah Harry.. did he tell you anything?' I stutter.

'What the fuck Abi?! I thought it was Josh!' he shouts at me.

'Josh? Niall, what are you talking about?!' I yell back at him.

'I thought you were pregnant by Josh! But.. HARRY?!' he shouted really angry.

I looked at him surprised. I couldn't get anything out of my mouth.

'What?!' I finally manage to say.

'Y-You thought I'm.. PREGNANT?! by JOSH?!' I shout at him still don't believing what just happend.

'Yeah but I was wrong. I never thought you and Ha-' he starts but I cut him off.

'STOP!' I yell felling a tear strem down my face.

I sit back down on the bed looking irritated.

Now it all makes sence. He thought I was pregnant. That's why he over reacted a few times.

But why? Doesn't he trust me? I mean Harry?! I told him I just see Harry as a good friend but how can he think something like this?!

I just sit there until I feel Niall's arm around my shoulder.

I turn to the side to see his eyes full of pain as he stares at me.

'Sorry..' he mumbles letting a tear escape his eyes.

'You don't trust me Niall..' I whisper.

We had this conversation over and over again. But this just wont stop.

'I do trust you.. but the way you acted the past days.. I just..' he stopped don't knowing what to say.

'Niall.. there's something I need to tell you..' I mumble.

He looks at me with the same look he did as I told him I broke up with Josh.

'What is it' he asks a bit nervous.

'I.. You know..' I tremble as I hear someone slamming the door open.

'Guys ! You need to come downstairs immediatly I need to tell you something' Louis shouts with a big grin on his face.

I think he doesn't really notice our faces because of his exictedness or he would see we both have been crying.

'Yeah we'll be right there' Niall stated as Louis closed the door and walked away.

He looked at me and I could see the shine in his beautiful blue eyes. I don't know what's really happening to me. Maybe I'm really falling for Niall.

I smile at him. ' Maybe I have to tell you later, this is not the right time.. let's go downstairs' I mumble.

He nodds and we both find our way to the hall where everyone is waiting for us.


Louis' P.O.V.


I'm so exiceted! I never expected this to happen. I hoped I would see her soon but I didn't expect right in two days. 

After  2minutes I called Niall and Abi , everyone arrived in the livingroom.

They all were quite confused. I could see that in their eyes.

'What's up Lou? Why did you call for us?' Liam asked as everyone stared at me.

I couldn't help but smile.

'You remember Seyhan, my younger sister?' I asked and got everyone's attention.

'Oh you mean that sister , you never wanted to introduce to us?' Harry said joking.

'Yeah I guess.. well since all of you guys had been asking me about hundreds of time to meet her sometime..' I started and the boys eyes shoot up.

'What's going on right now?' Sibel asked looking worried and I could tell Abi was a bit confused too.

'Well , I have a sister. Seyhan, I never told you about her because she lived in doncaster and never really been with me through my career thing. She had a lot of studies and I really missed her that much you know..' I said to Sibel and Abi as I could see a smile coming up on their faces.

'Yeaah what's with her?' Harry asked excited. He was the one who always wanted to meet her since he's been the flirty one but I don't take it serious.

'Oh yeah, she has to finish her studies here in London. So she would be staying here with us until end of the year..' I say jumping around.

I love her so damn much. She's been the closest to me and we were the best example for a brother and sister. She encouraged me in every way and she's just amazing. I'm so proud and thankful to have such an amazing sister. I really missed her that much.

Everyone laught at my excitement.

'So , how old she?' Harry asked again. This is kind of getting annoying.

'She's 16 but her birthday is in about 3 weeks so she would spent her 17th birthday here with us.' I smiled happy still thinking about seeing her again.

'Sound's pretty good lad' Harry said joking.

I glance at him and he starts laughing.

I don't want him to get near her in any way. I always used to be that protective guy infront of Seyhan. I don't want her to get hurt of anyone. She's my sister.

Even if she's turning out 18 next year she'll always be my little princess.

'Sound's nice Louis, we'd love to meet and get to know about her' Niall said smiling and Abi nodded.

'Yeah I'm sure we all will get along really good with her. She must be just as awesome as you' Zayn said blinking.

'She is guys' I say smiling and sat down on the couch.

'You missed her a lot?' Liam asked sitting besides me.

'Yeah kindda.. I havent seen her the past months since everything with 1D started you know.. sometimes I really miss her' I state and everyone started saying 'awwwwwwwwww'.

I laugh at their reaction.

I'm so happy she will spent the rest of her study days with me and the boys. And of course Sibel and Abi. I know they all will get really good friends since Seyhan is not the quietest person.

She's just the opposite of beeing shy. 

Damn I missed her.

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