Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


37. Last chance to save her


Zayn's P.O.V.


'I told you..' she whispered leaving me just speechless. 'Zayn you have to fix this up. I mean.. I don't know just do something! Talk to her or any-' Abi suddenly stopped talking. All of a sudden she remained quiet. She stared at something or someone other than me. That was confusing. All I could see was how she started to shake and the tears building in her eyes.

'Abi.. what's wrong?' I finally asked but it seemed like she was completely ignoring me. 

I was about to turn around to look at what caught her eyes before I saw a tear roll down her cheeks before she started to tremble.

I know what was coming next. It's not good for her to get stressed. I quickly stand up rushing over to her and just in the second her eyes closed and she was about to fall I caught her.

'Shit' I mumbled as I held her tight without knowing what to do right now.

My eyes automaticly wandered to the place she was staring and I imediatly spotted who caught her eyes.


He was sitting on the other side of the Café with some other girl.

Eventhough I don't really get why she got this upset of seeing Josh with a girl. I was so damn sure there was something between her and Niall. It's all just confusing right now.

Without hesitating I quickly lift her up holding her tight as I was about to walk straight to the front door towards my car. 

I just ignored all the people walking by and starting to call my name. I needed to get her safe to the hospital first of all. And I needed to call Niall as soon as possible.

She was still unconcious as I drove of as quick as possible to the Hospital.

Sweat was all over my face as I finally decide to get out my phone and quickly dial Niall's number on the phone.

It started to ring before his voice suddenly came up on the other line. 'sup zayn?'

'Niall you need to get as soon as possible to the hospital..' I mumble out of breath and I could probably feel him tense up through the phone.

'HOSPITAL?!' he shouts 'What the fuck Zayn?! What happend? Is Abi alright?' he started to panick.

'Yes.. I mean no.. I-I don't know.. she's unconcious Niall. we're on the way to the hospital! Just.. get here as soon as you can!' I forced to say before hearing the line goes off.

I put my phone back into my pocket before taking a quick glanze at Abi. 

This doesn't seem to be a good thing at all. Maybe I just should have told Niall that this happend because she saw Josh..


As we finally arrived at the parking at the back of the hospital I lifted her up before taking the secret entry and walked straight up to the woman on the counter.

'Excuse me, I need to see Dr. Nathan. Imediatly!' I say trying to calm as the woman nodds before looking at Abi and than typing something in the computer.

'He's on 3rd floor now. You may take the lift.' she smiled. I thanked her before rushing over to the lift.

After a couple of minutes Abi was taken by the doctor to a room and I sat down on the chair infront of it.

Grabbing my phone I quickly decided to forward a text message to everyone.


To: Liam :) ; Louis Tommo ; Hazza ; My Everything <3 ; Seyhan T.


guys you need to hurry to the hospital. Abi's not feeling good. Well she's blacked out to be honest. We're at Dr. Nathan's office but in 3rd floor room number 31. Make sure you all use the back entrance.- Zayn'


I put my phone back resting with my back on the wall and just waiting for them to arrive.


Niall's P.O.V.


I ran my hand through my hair while trying to get any faster then possible. 

I was afraid. Really afraid. I knew something would happen. I had a bad feeling all day. 

Zayn probably arrived at the hospital now. I just hope she's alright. This is all just because of her cancer. I wish we could get through this. Like all of this. I just want to live a happy and drama-free life with her. I love her and I'm ready to do anything what can save her life.


As I arrive at the hospital I rush over to the woman on the counter asking for Abi's Room number. 

' It's on 3rd floor, Room nr. 31, sir. Dr. Nathan should probably be in there at the moment' she smiled at me. I smiled back before taking the steps toward 3rd floor.

As I arrived I saw Zayn sitting on one of those chairs outside the room. I quickly walk over to him, shock written all over my face. As he finally sees me he stands up in a second.

'What happend? Is she alright? Where is the doctor? Can I see her right now?' I ask without taking a breath. I'm just so worried right now. I just want to hold her close like everythings really fine.

'she's in there with Dr. Nathan. He told me not to let anyone in unless he says. He also told me he wanted to talk to you about her bloodresults from last time, Niall..  but he didn't really seem happy at all' Zayn mumbles.

My eyes widen. 'What do you mean by 'not happy at all'?! What the fuck is happing Zayn?!' I yell gripping on his collar. 

'Niall, calm down mate. I'm sure everything will be alright. Just.. sit down' he tries to comfort me.

'What happend?' I whisper while sitting down on the chair right next to Zayn.

'well.. you know at starbucks..' he starts as I look up to see him trembling to find the right words.

'You know.. we've been talking about what happend yesterday after Liam and I left for the club to find Sibel..' he says looking into my eyes before continuing 'I told her like everything.. and she said I need to fix everything up between Sibel and me.. and when I was about to say that I wanted to.. I  mean I didn't even got the chance to.. but.. anyways..' - 'ZAYN JUST FUCKIN TELL ME WHAT HAPPEND!' I yelled out of control.

'She saw Josh.. with another girl.. she started to shake and to cry as she suddnely completely blacked out.' and with that sentence a whole world broke down inside of my soul.

Why would she cry seeing Josh again? She was the one who broke up with him right? So she had feelings for him and not for me.. that was for sure.

'I don't know if it was really because of him and I don't even understand why she started to cry because of him, mate.. but something deep inside of me tells me that there's something about him still torturing Abi. Sorry mate..' he simply said.

I just nodded and without thinking I let out a tear escape my eyes. It didn't even bother me that Zayn could see me cry. I mean it was so oblivious that I had feelings for her and I also know that the boys know that. So there's no need to hide my feelings in front of my best mates.

'It's okay Niall. She'll be alright.' Zayn tried to comfort me as I rested my head in my hands facing the ground sobbing silently. This girl is getting under my skin so badly.


'Niall? Can I talk to you for a minute?' Dr. Nathan's voice interrupet my thought as I jumped up.

I tensed a bit looking over to Zayn who gave me a reassuring smile 'Oh and Niall, I texted Liam, Harry and Louis so they all should probably be on their way right now' he said. I nodded before turning back to Dr. Nathan Davids and following him down the coridor where he entered a room telling me to wait.

I started to tense up even more just remembering those words Zayn told me earlier.

'He didn't seem happy at all..' It was clear he wanted to talk about her blood results.But it only has to mean they weren't good at all.

Infact, they must have been clearly bad if he wanted to talk to me in private about this all.

He came back with a file in his hands before gesturing me to follow him to his room.

We sat down before he started to speak.

'Well Niall.. I checked Abi's blood and it doesn't really seem like there is any improvement in it. The blood is still spoiled and it doesn't really looks like she takes any of this really serious. You need to tell me something. Does she really take those pills like she said?' he asked and I shoke my head no. I guess the Doc could see the fear in my eyes.

'Those are not just pain killers. That would've helped to repair the bonemarrows in a way and everything would have been much easier now.. you see her health is in a critical position right now..' the doctor said a bit camer but yet trying to sound reassuring.

'So.. will she s-survive t-this?' I struggle to say those words.

'To be honest.. I'm not sure. This is really not leading to a good result. I mean it wont take long until this all might end.. I'm sorry' he finally said. More tears started to build in my eyes but I really don't wanted to show them right now. Instead of that I started to confront him with questions which are actually useless. She's going to die. She's going to leave me here suffer.

'There must be something you can do doc! I know there must be a way to save her! I just know it!' I yell but I'm more than sure that this is a lie. A lie to myself.

Seconds of silence pass by as I lean my head onto the desk closing my eyes tightly. 

'Actually.. Niall' the doctor says making me look up at him. 'There could be a way.. but it isn't sure if it really works. If it does, she will be out of the whole cancer thing. You probably just need to do a bone-marrow transplant and she would survive it.' he said and my face lit up. 

She's not going to die. My Abi wont die. I started smiling widely. Everything has finally a happy ending.

'But..' he continued and my smile started to fade. 'there is one problem..' he said sternly.

'..what?' I asked.

'You need some donater. But the donater must have the same bloodgroup B+ just as Abi and it must fit 100/100. And mostely it will just fit in the family like brother , sister or something like that. Cause it's nearly impossible to find a 100% matching bone-marrow out of two complete strangers. I don't say this can't happen. But it's just nearly impossible to find two of them.. and we we transplant the bone-marrow of someone without knowing that those don't fit 100% the only result will be that Abi's going to.. die..' he mumbled the last part.

So I was just.. lost.


Seyhan's P.O.V.

I heard the door slam and I knew Louis throw Harry out of the house. I can't belive it.Who gave him the permission to throw my boyfriend out of my house. Anger started to build in me as I stand up and walk towards Louis who sat at the door. Without thinking I started to scream. 

'Why the fuck have you done this? Tell me Louis. Why?' I scream while tears build in my eyes.

'Because he is not good for you. Not after your heart is broken once. You don't know him the way I do. He is nice. Yeah but the is not the type of boy who can keep a relation ship.' Louis shouted. I never saw him like this. He was angry like never before.

'You don't know anything about us, Louis. He cares about me and he would never hurt me the way Max did. And you don't know if he can keep a relation ship if you don't give him the chance to try.' My voice already trembled. I hate Max for what he has done to me but Harry would never ever hurt me like this. That's for sure.

'That's damn right. And he won't get the chance! You heard it? Never!' He yelled pounding the door.

'Harry isn't the one who don't care about me. You are the one. I hate you' I cried out loud before running upstairs in my room.

I locked my door and throw myself on my bed. I never saw Louis like this. He never yelled at me. It  was the first time something like this happened. I never said 'I hate you' but I was angry. I couldn't control myself. And I hate to cry infront of Louis but this time I really don't care. All I want now is just being alone and cry.

After about an hour I heard nothing from Louis not even a sneezing. Actually he would come up to look after me but he don't even came close to my door. Maybe he is ignoring me. Great. I hate being ignored. Louis never ignored me. This time he has to be really angry.

What have I done? Harry and Louis were so close. They are best friends and now Louis don't speak to Harry because of me. It was a big mistake to invite Harry. It's all my fault. Louis wouldnn't throw Harry out of his house. Never in a million years. Maybe I have to check on him and apologize. I mean he is my big brother. I can't live with the thought that Louis would ignore me.

So I stand up and make my way to my bathroom which is in my room. I wash my face so I don't look like a big mess. I walk towards the door as my phone vibrates in my pocket. I looked on the screen and saw a message from a number I don't know. I opened the message.


'guys you need to hurry to the hospital. Abi's not feeling good. Well she's blacked out to be honest. We're at Dr. Nathan's office but in 3rd floor room number 31. Make sure you all use the back entrance.- Zayn'


Oh no. Not another problem now. I ran downstairs to see Louis walking towards the door.

'Where are you going?' I asked loud so he could hear me.

'Hospital' he answered coldly.

'I'm coming with you.' I said as I put on my Vans.

In the car there was a awkward silence.

'I hope she gets better soon' I said breaking the silence. But Louis don't answered me. So I decided to say nothing. As we were at the traffic lights I could hear some people screaming Louis' name. I looked over to him. He tried to fake a smile at the fans who were at pavement. He waved one last time to them and drove away. He really love his fans. He wants to make them happy although he is upset. Louis is a caring person but why is he freaking out because of me and Harry? I don't get it.

We arrived at the hospital really quick. We got out and made our way to the 3rd floor and saw Sibel, Liam, Zayn and Harry. Oh god this is not gonna be good. Louis greeted them before shooting Harry a death glare but he kept his mouth shut. I smiled at Harry awkwardly and he just nodds.

'Mate what happened?' Louis asked Zayn. All eyes were now on Zayn

'I don't really know. We just sat in Starbucks earlier. We talked about... stuff.' He looked up at Sibel and then back to Louis. 'Suddenly she just collapsed. I'm not sure but maybe because she saw Josh with another girl. But I don't know.'

'Josh?' Liam started 'Why should she be upset because of him with another girl? I mean isn't it obvious that she has feelings for Ni-' He stoped as something catched his eyes.

Niall came to us with a sad expression in his face.

'What did the doc said?' Zayn stood up as he walked to Niall.

'It's bad guys. He said there is only one way to rescue her. We have to find a donator with blood group B+ and it has to fit 100%.'Niall said dissapointed. My head shot up as I heard it. Louis has blood group B+ maybe he could help. He loves Abi like a sister I know that. I mean she is part of the 1D family. Just like Sibel. And Louis loves his family more than anything else. 'But he also said it's nearly impossible to find a donator who is not a family member. And I know that Abi's mum and Dad don't have the same blood group. So there is only hope to find a donator maybe from another country. The doc is already searching in other hospitals. He also said that  we should tell Abi's parents if there is no hope for her. But anyway we can go to Abi one by one. And I think I should do the start. Can someone get something to eat for her she has eat something before she collapse again.' Niall looked at the boys. Zayn nodds. 

'Of course.' Zayn said looking to Niall.

'I'll come with you.' Harry said with a trembling voice. So they walk towards the back entrance.

'Niall?' Sibel began 'Should I get some clothes for Abi? I think she won't come home today.' Sibel said in a calm voice.

'Yeah. You're right. Here.' Niall said as he throws his key to her. She catches them and walked towards the doors.

'Wait. I'll give you a ride.' Liam said runnig over to Sibel.

'Now go in.' Louis smiled at Niall. Niall opened the door and walked in.

Now there are just Louis and me. I was staring at the ground as I rembered what Niall said because of the blood group.

'You have blood group B+' I whispered looking to Louis.

'What?' he questioned confused.

'I said you have blood group B+' I repeated.

'Yea but you heard what Niall said. It has to fit 100% and it's nearly impossible to find a donator who ist not a family member.' He replied in a sad tone.

'But it is worth a try. Don't you think so?' I asked

'Yeah, you're right. I'll talk to the doc.' Louis said as he turned around to go to the doctor. I followed him. As we arrived at the office Louis knocked on the door and waited for the dr. Nathan.

'Yes? How can I help you?' The doctor asks with a small smile.

'Ehm.. I a friend of Abi Miller and I have blood group B+ like her.. So I wanted to ask if it's possible if I'm the donator for her.' Louis looked up to the doc who looked quite irritated.

'Well we have to check everything if you're OK with it.' The doctor looks to me and then back to Louis.

'Of course I am. I would do anything to save her.' Louis smile grew. It's great to see him smile.

'Come with me then' Dr. Nathan said walking to the lifts. We followed him as we reached a room.

'You have to wait outside. I'm sorry.' Dr. Nathan said to me.

I just nod and sat down on one of the chairs. I hope everything will be alright.


Abi's P.O.V.


I woke up all of a sudden in a hard but still pleasent bed. It was completely white and I was covered by a white blanket. As blinked a few times before I realised I was lying in the hospital. Urgh.

I turn to the side to see someone sitting right beside me holding onto my hand. I couldn't see who it was because my eyes were falling shut every now and then.

'Abi? you're awake?' I finally managed to hear Niall's soft voice right beside me.

My eyes flutter open as his grip on my hand tightens.

I smile at him while attempting to sit up but I fail. A terrible pain shots through my stomach and head before I fall back to the bed groaning. 

Niall quickly stands up before pulling me slightly up, helping me to rest on the back of the bed.

'Thanks Ni' I smile at him making a bit space so he could sit down on the bed right next to me.

His hand left mine as he placed it on my tigh slightly rubbing it.

'Are you okay, love?' he smiled but you could see the worried look in his face.

I smile at him. 'Never felt better'.

'Don't lie..' he whispered. 'What happend?' his voice was already shaking.

'I-I don't know' I started to stutter.

'Zayn said you saw Josh with another girl. Is it because him? Do you still love him?' Niall's voice trembled a bit. I don't know how to answer. I mean of course a part inside loves Josh. But my feelings for Niall are bigger but I can't tell him. A few seconds later I finally managed to say something.

'No. I mean yes. But no.' I took a deep breath 'It's because him yes. But i don't love him. It's just.. It was too much to see them kissing. For a moment all of my feelings came back. But as I was unconscious. I just wanted to wake up because of you. I can't stand seing you sad you know that. You're the most important person for me, Niall.'

'So you don't love him anymore?' Niall hat a weird expression I couldn't tell what it was but it was weird.

'No.' I answered short. But this word made him really happy. But why? All I know is that he looks so adorable when he is relieved.

'Good.' He said with a big smile on his face. I was silent for a moment and just looked at Niall who stared on the ground with a smile. But soon his smile fades.

'What's wrong, Ni?' I grabbed his hand and stroke it with my thumb.

'I talked to the doc and...' He stoped talking but I understood what he was propably going to say.

'Is it that bad?' I asked trying not to sound upset.

'He.. he said that we have to find a donator which has the same blood group like you.. and he is searching for it.. So we have to... wait.' he said looking deep in my eyes. 'But everything will be alright Abi, I know that.Heaven is not ready for another Angel.' Niall forced a smile trying to fight back those tears which are building in his beautiful eyes.

'Oh..' Is the only thing I could say. I was shocked and you can see it by my face. Niall looked at me as he opened his mouth to say something but he closed it again. After a short moment he finally spoke.

'Abi I.. I don't know how to say it..' he scratched his neck.

'Just go for it Niall.' I said now in a calm voice.

'Look I wanted to wait for a better moment and a better place to tell you but.. I'm afraid I don't get the chance to so.. I'll tell you now.' I was confused. What is he going to tell me? I hope it's nothing bad. I cant handle with bad news now. I gave him a questioned look so he continues.

'You are my best friend now for so long. And you know I love you and I never want you to be sad. The past weeks were full of drama and action.. And it showed me that I only could survive it when you were right next to me. As you told us that you had cancer I was just broken because of the thought I would lose you and I can't stand this thought. That day was really the worst day of my life.. But it showed me something..' he paused as he looked up at me a tear escaped his eye but he didn't care. 'It showed me that.. that I feel more for you than just this 'friend love' .. Abi I think.. No I know that I.. I love you.. I love you more than a boy could love girl. I love you so much that it hurts to see you with a boy who is just talking to you.. even if he is just a friend. I love the way you jump around when you are happy. I love the way you say my name because it sounds like a angel is singing. I love how you laugh when I tickle you. You are just perfect for me.. And everytime I look in your beautiful eyes I just want to say how much I love you. And I just want to kiss you whenever I want. I want to wake up and see you next to me everyday. I want to hold you in my arms whenever you are upset. I want to share everything with you even my food. And your know that I love food and I never share it with someone.' He lauged with tears in his eyes but this time they are because he is happy. It caused me to laugh. 'I just want you by my side everytime 24/7. I want you to be my princess. I love you with all my heart.

I was frozen. I didn't knew that Niall loves me that much. I can't believe that I never noticed that he loves me the way I do. Now I'm sure he is the one I truly love. He gives me a good feeling no matter what.

'Niall I-' we were interrupted by the sound of someone entering the room. We turned our heads to see Dr. Nathan standing in the doorway.

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