Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


14. Just a week


 Sibel's P.O.V


It's almost 1.45am and I can't sleep. Tomorrow is my flight back to London. I really should go to have a few hours sleep but I just can't. 

I didn't thought it would be so hard to be without Zayn. Even just for two days.I really miss him.

I repeat reading his last message again and again.

'You're missing love , can't wait until your back here in London xx - Zayn'

After a couple of minutes I finally fall asleep.


 - next morning -


' Bye mom , hope I'll see you again soon' I hug her tightly and she kisses my cheek.

'Take care of you darling, love you' she says waving at me while I walk into the departure area.

I can feel butterflies all over my stomach everytime I think about Zayn.

A big smile appears on my face as I finally enter the plane. Just about 2 hours and I will be back again in Zayn's arms.

I take my seat , put my headphone on and close my eyes.


As I arrive Zayn's waiting for me at the arrival area. I can see him through the big crowd.

He's wearing tight black skinnys , a white v-neck shirt and his leather jacket.

His hair is in a mess which looks quite sexy. I really missed him.

I ran over to him and he lifts me up while kissing me on my lips. I can feel him smile through the kiss. I wish it would last forever but he finally pulls away.

'I missed you , babe' he smirks at me. I feel myself blushing.

'I missed you too , Zayn' I say while he grabs my hand and walks me to his car.

'So , how was your mum's birthday?' he asked smiling at me while starting the engine.

'Yeah quite nice. Just like every year. She was just a bit sad you weren't there.' I replied.

He laught. 

We arrived at his and I went directly upstairs.

'Just gonna have a quick shower' I said walking into the bathroom.

Suddenly Zayn grabbed my wrist and turned me to face him. 

'Want me to join?' he said with a cheeky grin on his face.

'Zayn , shut up , let go of my-' He interrupted me while pushing his lips against mine.

We kissed for about 2 minutes. Our lips moved in sync and I could feel his hot breath against my lips as he pulled slowly away. He rested his forehead against mine.

'You're sure you don't want me to join?' he asked smiling down at me. I could see shining in his eyes.

'Pretty sure , now let me go' I said while pushing him away and running into the bathroom.

'Love you , Zayn' I finally shout as I close the bathroom door , get off my clothes and get into the shower.


Zayn's P.O.V.


God. I missed this girl so much. I don't want to leave her again. I want to spend time with her but I have to go tomorrow to US with the boys. It really hurts to know I can't spend that much time with Sibel. I really love her and I really hope this week will pass by quickly. What am I saying? Every week has 7 days and this isn't going to change. If I could , I would cancel the concerts just to be here with Sibel. But I don't want to spoil the boys' career.

It will be hard for me to tell her. But I have to. It's not going to be easy.

I decide to get downstairs and watch tv. I know Sibel quite well and she'll take much time in the bathroom. I sit down on the couch and switch through the channels.

Finally I fall asleep.


Sibel's P.O.V.


As I finished and walked out of the bathroom it was 2.36pm. 

I walked downstairs and heard the sound of the TV. I walked into the hall just to see Zayn asleep on the couch , the remote in his left hand.

I get slowly to the couch , pull the remote out of his grip and turn off the TV.

I decide to cook something and walk over to the kitchen. Zayn probably don't have eaten that much since I've been the only one who cooked the past months in this big house.

I decide to make lasagna. Since I've been living here it has become his favorite dish of mine. 

I also love Lasagna.

After about 15minutes I feel strong arms wrap arround my waist.

He pulled me close to him and started to kiss down my neck. 

'Zayn , you're awake?' I start turning around to face him.

'Of course I am , I could smell the lasagna and it woke me up. Sometimes I really think I'm worse than Niall' he said laughing.

He leaned in and kissed me softly. After about 10 seconds I pull away and he looked at me a bit confused.

'I have to watch the lasagna, Zayn' I say while leading him over to the counter. 'Just 5 minutes' I say smiling at him while walking back to the oven.


Zayn's P.O.V.

Maybe I have to tell her now? She's in a good mood and I can explain it to her. She wont be mad for a long time. I think this is the right time. I should tell her. 


'Sibel , love? can I speak to you for a minute?' I ask while walking past her and wrapping my arms around her waist.

She turns to look me in the eyes. God. I love her eyes.

'I told you , 5 minutes' she said while pushing me away.

I nod.

I'm afraid she would be mad. Maybe I still have to wait a bit.


Abi's P.O.V.


We spent almost the whole time at Josh's cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket and watching movies. One by one. He helds me close to him and I can feel his heartbeat.

I turn to face him and settle my hand down on his chest.

His heartbeat is getting speeder.

He looks down at me and smiles.

'Can you feel it?' He asks pulling me even more close to him.

I nod while letting out a giggle.

'It's only beating for you' He says while leaning in and kissed me softly.

I feel myself blushing. This is one of the perfect moments I don't want them to end.

After about half an hour I make myself ready , and walk to the front door.

'Are you sure you don't want me to drive you back?' Josh asked a bit skeptical.

'Yeah I am. It's really sweet of you but it's just about 10 minutes walking.' I reassure him.

'Hmm ok.. and you're also sure I can't persuade you in staying for one more night?' He asked grinning at me.

'Yeah pretty sure' I say joking.

He smiles at me and kisses me one last time. Then I walk out of the door and find my way to Niall's.


Zayn's P.O.V.


We sit there on the dining table , eating and laughing about things , which aren't that funny. She laughs a lot. I just love it. Her positiv effect on everyone. She's just amazing.

I can't find the words how to start the topic. I want to see her laughing the whole time.

But anyway. I just have to tell her.

'Sibel , remember a few minutes ago I tried to talk to you about something' I began to say.

'Oh yeah right , what's it?'  She asked smiling at me.

'I am , first promise me not to get angry?' I asked a bit nervous.

'What's the problam Zayn , just tell me' she laught.

'First promise me' I repeated.

'Yeah ok , promise now go on' she replied.

'Sibel there's a sudden change and our US-tour has been settled for tomorrow night.

We have to get the flight tomorrow morning..' I say looking at her.

Her smile faded.

'Oh..' is the only thing she can say.

' It's just for a week , babe. I'll be back soon' I said while kissing her cheek.

She just nods. I can see she's really upset by now. Little tears building in her eyes but she tries to hold them back.

'Remember , I love you. Only you and this week would be the last one for a couple of months' I reasured. She nodded silently and walked away.

I hear her run upstairs and slam the door.







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