Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


3. I wont let anything happen to you

Niall's P.O.V.


'Nice to see u , love' Harry always had been a jerk but this time he went too far. I hate the fact that Harry could have every girl he wanted and I don't want Abi to end in the list too. I mean , it's great if she finds her 'big love' but I'm really sure that Harry is not the right person for a long last relationship.

It made me sick to see how she was blushing while he made cmpliments to her. Of course the dress looks stunning. I mean she got it from me and it's my favorite dress of hers. But I never saw her so much happy if I told her she looked great. The shine in her brown eyes. Gosh I love her eyes. They make me go crazy everytime I look into them.

I don't want her to fall for Harry cause I don't want anyone to hurt her. Not even one of my best friends.


Abi's P.O.V


I went inside and ran upstairs. I got into my room and locked the door.

Weird. I never locked the door of my bedroom. I got off my blue dress and put some grey shorts with a blue tanktop on and layed down on my bed.

I was really tired but I couldn't sleep. So many questions were running through my mind. 'What happened to Niall? Why didn't he talk to me? Why was he so quite? Niall is not the quitest person. Did I do something wrong? Maybe something happened at the interview? Maybe I should ask him? Yes I should' I'm about to stand up , suddenly I heared a knock on the door. 'Niall?' I thought. 'Of course it is Niall , who else' I said to my self thinking about how silly I am. I went to the door and unlocked it.

When I opened the door I saw Niall was leaning against the side wall just waering some cute grey boxers and shirtless.

'yeah niall?' I asked him while raising an eyebrow. 'Ehh Abi? I need to talk to you..' he said a little bit nervous. 'Niall whats wrong with you?' I asked a little bit confused. ' I-I just..can I come in?' -'Of course you can , niall !' I said while he walks into the room. I close the door and sit down on my bed right next to Niall. ' Oh come on Niall, don't be that upset , what happened? Come on tell me' I said while rubbing his back.

'Abi? ' he said looking me right into my eyes. ' yeah.. That's my name' I said a little bit smiling ' I-I just wanted to kn-know if.. ahm' – 'Niall talk !' I said laughing. ' Do you have.. ahm any feelings for Harry?' he asked.

My smile was gone.

'Niall are you mad? Whats wrong with you? Harry? Why do you think I have feelings for.. HARRY?!' I yelled at him.

'No.. it's not like that It's just.. ahm because after the interview you t-two were like flirting and stuff' he said looking at the ground.

' Oh come on Niall , I mean that's Harry ! He always flirts with girls and I just like him as a really good friend. Understand?' I ask a little bit laughing.

'Yes mom' he replied smiling at me.

'And if I really would have feelings for him , you would be the first one I'd tell, you know that. ' I said.

'Yeah I know , now what about a little movie?' he asked turning to face me.

'Movie sounds great but I'm too tired Niall , I can't even move , I'm-' he cuts me off while carying me bridal style out of my room. ' Niall , what are you doing?!' I yelled at him. ' Well babe , I want to watch a movie and you don't want to move so I just carry you downstairs so you don't need to move.' he said laughing. He placed me gently on the couch and turned the tv on.

'What are we watching?' I asked

'MAMA' he whispered which endet in a big loud laugh.

'YOU'RE MAD?' I yelled at him while jumping up and and leaving the livingroom. He grabed my wrist and turned me around to face him.

'Oh come on Abi , don't be such a baby it's just a movie and I know how much you love Horror movies.' he said pulling me into the livingroom.

'Yeah I love them , when we're at least 6 person and if we watch it in the evening. Not in the middle of the night ! ' I yelled.

'But I'm here with you , so nothing would happen to you. I promise.' he said sitting me down next to him while putting an arm around my waist.

That moment was just adorable.


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