Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


10. I trust you


Suddenly I saw Abi running over to me. She hugged me tightly and began to sobb.

I put my arms around her and hold her deep in my arms while letting another tear run down my face hitting her forhead.

She looked up at me.

'I'm sorry Niall , I'm so sorry' she mumbled. ' I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't wanted to say that I mean you're my best friend. You're my Niall and I-I just was a bit out of my mind ! I'm so sorry Niall I don't want to loose you' she cried.

I lifted up her chin wiping her tears away. 'Shhh it's ok.' I said.

'Don't cry abi , it's ok you know I trust you and maybe.. I was wrong. It's okay if you have feelings for Josh I mean it's finally your life and I'm completely alright with that.' I lied. Of course I want her to be happy but not with Josh. But what should I do? I know it sounds weird but I hope it won't last for a long time cause i'm not sure if I'm able to survive it.


Abi's P.O.V.


The next days went as usual. Every morning I wake up Niall is watching TV and waiting for me to do breakfast. And then we both watch together TV having breakfast and he gets ready to go to the studios with the boys.

I missed those days a lot but now everything seems to be perfect.


I woke up in my bed and looked at the clock. 12.27pm.

'WHAT?' I nearly screamed.

I jumped out of my bed and ran downstairs. And searched for Niall. But without any success. So I ran over to the kitchen.

My phone was still on the kitchen desk from last night.

I grabbed it and checked my messages. 4 new message's.

2 from Niall , 1 from Sibel and one message from an unknown number.

I opened the messages from Niall.

' morning love , I hope you wont get angry , I had to leave early in the morning cause our manager wanted to see us. U were still asleep so I didn't wanted to wake u up. I will be back late , don't miss me to much , love ya xx - Niall '

Oh come on this can't be happening. It's gonna be the worst day of my life. Look how it just started.

Then I opened the second message.

' If you're hungry , I put pizza into the oven but plss I want to eat some too. So don't eat all of it , Abi xx - Niall' I started laughing. This boy is stupid.

Then I opened the next message.

'Hey love , how are you doing? I just wanted to tell you I'm going back to Ireland until tomorrow. It's my mum's bday you know. Zayn just dropped me at the airport. See u tomorrow , don't miss me to much , love – Sibel'


Now it looks like I really have to hang out the whole day in this big boring house without anyone. I through my phone on the couch and sat down.

Suddenly I remembered I had another message from an unknown number.

I opened it to read the message.

'Hey Abi , how's your day going? I just wanted to ask if ur free today.. you know hanging out a bit? Just give me a call , love xx -Josh'

It felt like I could jump in the air and scream and a big smile appeared on my face. Looks like the day is not as bad as I thought.

I decided to call Josh.

The phone rang and my heart was beating in highspeed.

'Hello?' his voice appeared.

'Yeah , hi it's Abi you- ehm messaged me' I stuttered.

'Oh hey Abi , ahm yeah I wanted to know if your busy today you know..' he asked a bit nervous.

'No! I mean I'm not busy today , I would love to see u. Niall's out today and well he'll be home late and Sibel went back to Ireland because of her mums birthday' I said with a big grinn on my face.

'Oh nice , well I'll pick you up then in about ahm.. an hour?' he asked through the phone. 'Yeah one hour is perfect' I said trying to control my heart beat.

'Ok see u then , Abi' he said. I could feel him smile through the phone.

'Yeah see u in an hour Joshi' I giggeled.

'Joshi?' he asked laughing.

'Yeah your nickname.. sounds cute' I responsed.

'Oh right' he laughed. 'Well see u, love' he said hanging up.

I ran upstairs to get some nice clothes. It was end of august and the sun was shining bright. I took out some black hot pants and a red tank top. I went into the bathroom and put on a bit make-up. Not too much. I hate to much make-up. I brushed my long brown hair to my right side and looked through the mirror at my tattoo. It really reminded me at Niall. Maybe I have to text him? Yeah I should. But what if he gets angry again? No he just would get angry if I don't tell him.

I ran downstairs and took my phone from the kitchen desk.

'Hey Nialler , I'm out with Josh today. You know noone's here, it's boring and stuff. I hope you don't mind and have a great day with the boys. I wont be late tonight I promise xx -Abi'

I send the message , put on my converses and looked at the clock.


So I have still about 20 minutes left until Josh arrives.

I sat down on the couch and a lot of questions ran through my mind.

Where are wo going?

Did I really fall for him?

Does he feel the same way I do?

Why did he kiss me last time?

What if he's really a 'bad boy'?

But bad boy's are sexy.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. I went over to the door and opened it. What a surprise , it was Josh.

'Hey Joshi' I said smiling bright and hugged him.

'Hey Abi' he said laughing.

He came in and I closed the door behind him.

'You look great' he said with a cute smile on his face.

'thanks handsome' I said a bit smiling.

We went in and sat down on the couch.

'Well what are we gonna do?' I asked looking over to him while he was looking all around the hall.

'I don't really know , I thought hang out a bit at mine?' he said smiling.

'Sounds nice' I tried to hold back my excitement.

' Then let's go' he said with a big smile playing on his lips while grabbing my hand and pulling me out to his car.

He opened the passenger seat for me and then he walked over , went in and started the engine.

This is going to be one of my best days in my young life.

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