Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


22. Hospital

After about half an hour we hear a knock on the door.

Niall walks over and opens it. I can hear her voice.

'Why did you sent Liam? I thought you would come Niall' she said entering the hall.

Suddenly her eyes fell on mine and she stops.

Tears fill her eyes while she's watching me. I can't move.

Actually I was angry. Very angry to be honest. At the moment she would be at Chris' and do I don't know what. But as I saw her standing there right in front of me I just forgot about everything around me. Everything seemed so far away as I was looking into her beautiful eyes.

I couldn't get mad on her whatever she does. I honestly and truly love her.

'Zayn..' she says in a shaky voice. Tears stream down her face as she sees me. Her eyes are full of sorrow. She's not crying but still something inbetween.

I walk over to her. 

I put my both hands on each side of her face and pull her close to me. I look deeply into her watery eyes searching for the shine she always had. But it was gone.

Our lips just inches apart but I didn't kiss her. She keeped staring at me.

'Sorry' I finally whispered while I could see more tears building in her eyes.

She looked down.

'I'm sorry Sibel. I'm sorry for everything. For every time I made you cry. For every stupid thing I did. I'm really really sorry I can't put it in wor-' I stop as I see a little smile grow on her lips and before I could realise she kissed me.

At that moment I really understood why I loved this girl that much. She makes me feel the way I do and loves me for who I am. I know I make a lot of mistakes but everytime she's there for me telling me that it's wrong and makes me love her even more.

We both pull away slowly at the same moment gazing into each others eyes.

'I love you' I whisper making her smile.

'I love you too and I always will' she says leaning in for another kiss. I kiss her again and I could feel her smile. 


Sibel's P.O.V.


Chris was right. I shouldn't get angry on Zayn because of something like this. I mean it was just a fan and I didn't give him the opportunity to talk. I really love him and I can't be without him.

After everything was clear Niall , Zayn and I sat down on the couch while Liam went to make us a hot cup of tea.

As he arrived he handed each of us the cup and laied the tray down on the table. I took a sip as I realised I didn't talk to Abi since I got out. I need to talk to her.

'Niall? You told me Abi forgot her phone at yours but where did she exactly go?' I asked putting my cup of tea on the table. Zayn put it next to mine.

'Yeah Niall , I didn't see her since I went too' he said putting an arm around my shoulder.

I smiled.

'Shooot! she had a little missunderstanding with Josh and they both went home. But she was really pissed of..' he stated looking worried.

'What? what do you mean by 'missunderstanding'?' Liam asked a bit confused too. I got tensed.

'It's just..ahm.. she got to know about.. you know.. Jessica..' he said and Zayn and Liam jumped up.

'What?!' they both shouted together.

'Guys? what's happening? who's Jessica?' I asked as I got even more tensed. 

Is Josh cheating on Abi? But Josh doesn't seem like a Cheater! If he breaks her heart I'll kick that bastard out of his life.

'Oh.. it's a long story.. I'll explain you later but I think we should first go and check on Abi if she's alright. Since she wont be alright with that as we all know her.' Niall said standing up.

'Yeah mate let's go' Liam said and looked over to Zayn and me. We both nodded and walked quickly to Niall's car.


As we arrived it was about 10.22pm and it was getting dark. It was in the end of summer and it was really bright outside even at the night.


We walked out of the car and suddenly heard shouting and screaming. I could tell Niall was very upset and worried before he took a run over to the door. We all were right behind him. 

As we arrived he knocked really loud on the door. We could hear her voice yelling but we couldn't clearly hear what they were arguing about. Probably about that 'Jessica' girl.

I really want to know who she is.

Niall knocked again. Louder this time. Suddenly everything became silent as we heard footsteps coming towards the door.

The door swings open and Abi stood right in front of us. I could see her eyes which went completely black. She was crying. She just stood there shocked not knowing what to say or do.

'wha-what a-are you doing h-here' she whispered as we entered the room.

Niall pulled her close into a hug as she started to sobb against his shirt. We all stood there watching them as a tear escaped Niall's face.

'I'm sorry..' he whispered pulling back.

She looked at him confused. 

'For letting you go with that bastard' he said as he suddenly looked over to Josh who was standing right in the middle of the hall.

Anger filled Niall's eyes as he let go of Abi walking towards Josh.

He grabbed his collar pulling him against the wall.

'What the fuck did you do?' he hissed.

'I didn't do any-' Josh started to say but was cut off my a kick of Niall right into his stormach.

Josh fell to the ground. We all stood there shocked watching Niall getting on Josh and punching him hard into the face. Suddenly Zayn and Liam ran over to seperate them but it doesn't work.

'Stop it!' I heard Abi screaming as we both stand there helpless don't knowing what to do.

'Shit Niall stop it!' she screamed again. She started crying.

Josh punched Niall in the face and they both switched positions. Josh was now over Niall hitting him in the stormach. Zayn and Liam still tried to pull him away but it didn't work.

'STOOOOP IT!!' I heard Abi screaming until I suddenly heard a loud sound.



Niall's P.O.V.


I got angry. With every time i hit him more anger filled me. Thinking back to Jessica and just the things he did to her or even Abi. She was screaming and the boys tried to tear us apart but I didn't move. Josh's nose started to bleed as I hit him hard into the face.

Suddenly I heard Sibel shouting 'NIALL! LOOK! ABI!' 

We all turned back to her.

Abi was lying on the ground. Unconcious.

I got off of Josh and ran over to Abi. Zayn and Liam were right behind me. Sibel was trying to wake her up but she didn't.

'MOVE!' I yelled as I knelt down.

I shaked her and slapped her lightly to wake her up. No response.

'WATER! GET ME WATER! AND SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE! NOW!' I shouted as I still tried to wake her. Sibel ran into the kitchen and brought a glass of water. Zayn took out his phone and called the ambulance.

I felt tears leaving my eyes as she didn't even wake up to the water hitting her soft skin.

After a few minutes the ambulance arrived.

'Niall you go with her. I will drive your car. I just call the boys' Liam says taking my keys.

I silently nodd and get into the ambulance sitting next to her. She was lying there right in front of me still with her eyes shut.

We arrived a few minutes later and we pulled her into the ICU.

The doctors stopped me right infront of the door. I had to wait. 

I sat down on the chairs infront of the room and waited.

After about 5minutes Zayn , Liam and Sibel arrived. Right behind them were Harry and Louis.

They all came running over to me.

'Where is she? Is she alright? What happend to her?' Everyone started to question but I just looked at them don't knowing what to say.

They sat down.

'Don't worry mate , she's gonna be alright' Zayn said sitting besides me and everyone nodd.

We all stayed there for a few minutes until I thought about Josh.

'Where's Josh?' I asked looking over to the boys.

'Well he must be at home or even bleeding his life out' Liam said.

Why didn't he come? Abi was his girlfriend. I thought he cares about her?

I saw Sibel was sitting a few places away from us. She seemed very quite and worried.

Zayn was sitting next to her but they didn't talk. No one actually talked we all were wondering what happend to Abi. 

I walked over to Sibel and sat down on the chair next to her on the other side.

She didn't realise me.

'Sibel.. don't worry.. she'll be alright' I said trying to comfort her.

I saw a tear escape her eyes. 

'I hope so' she whispered. I smiled, stood up and walked back to my seat.

Suddenly the doctors arrived but they don't seem really happy.

We all jumped up and I ran over to the doctor.

'Hey doc.. ahm can you tell me what happened to Abi and how she is?' I stepped infront of him as he tried to walk away.

'Sorry sir, I need to go get some files. It seems a bit difficult but we can tell you everything sure in about an hour' the doc said walking away.

My heart sinks into my chest as I stood there.

Everyone looked at me as Sibel suddenly walked infront of me and everyone follwed her.

'What did he say Niall?' she asked tensed.

'difficult..' I mumbled staring at them.

'difficult? what is difficult , niall? Tell us what's wrong?!' Harry yelled.

't-the doc said.. it seems d-difficult' I said letting myself fall back to my seat still staring at them 'It might be a heart attack or something' the thought gave me goosebumps.

'No Niall , stop thinking like this! It will be alright!' Louis said sitting beside me.

'What else did the doc say?' Zayn asked kneeling down infront of me.

'They can say anything for sure in about an hour' I whispered.

They all sat down on the chairs.

' I might go for a walk anyone wanna join me?' Louis asked standing up after a few minutes looking at us.

'Yeah sure' Zayn , Liam and Harry said in sync.

They looked at me and Sibel.

'I don't know.. I think I might stay here' I said looking at them confused.

'We'll be just walking around Niall and even the doc said they can talk to us just in an hour.' Liam resured me. In a way he was right. 

I nodded and stood up. Sibel was still staring at the ground. Zayn walked over to her.

'What about you ,love? You wanna join us?' he asks kneeling infront of her.

She shakes her head no.

'You're sure?' he asks worried.

'Yeah.. might be better if someone stays here..' she whispered.

'Ok then.. but if anything happens or so, just give me a call we will be right here.' Zayn reassured her.

She nodded.


Sibel's P.O.V.


I don't know why but in a way I feel really bad. I don't want anything to happen to Abi. 

She's my best friend and I love her. I hope everything will turn out well so there will be no drama anymore. So many bad things happend today. I think I should mark this date on my calendar.

First I yelled at Zayn , then I nearly broke up with him. I made him cry. After everything seemed to be alright Abi had a missunderstanding with Josh and now she ended up in the hospital who knows why.

I just want this day to end soon like everything never happend and we all will be as happy as we were before.

The sound of a familair voice interrupted my thoughts.

I looked up to see Dr. Nathan right in front of me.

I stood up.

'Sibel , love. You're here again?' he asked.

'Yeah.. my best friend is right there in that room' I said pointing to the ICU room.

'Oh yeah , miss Miller. I did the check up to her.' he said a bit quiter this time. 

I looked at him surprised.

'Do you know what happend to her? Is she alright? Can I see her?' I questioned nonstop.

'First take your breath Sibel. I need to talk to you since you seem to be the only one around who came for Abi and what about her parents? Aren't they here?' he asked confused.

'Her P-parents?' I stuttered. 'Why do you ask about her parents?! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?!' I shouted quite loud as a tear escaped my eyes.

'Calm down love , she's alright..now..but..' he says trying to find the right words.

'Can you come with me for a minute? I think Abi should need to hear it aswell.' he says walking over to the ICU door opening it for me while I walk in quitely.

We stepped in and I saw Abi laying there with her eyes open.

I ran over to her and pulled her into a big hug sobbing.

'Shhhh I'm ok' she replied smiling.

'Actually..' the doc started as we both turned around to face him.

'Actually what?' I asked.

'As I read you're blood files there was a little problem on it miss Miller..' he began.

'Wh-what problem?' she stuttered.

'I'm really sorry to say this but.. it looks like you..' he said searching for the right words.



Harry's P.O.V.


I walked back before the boys came. I didn't feel like walking around while Abi was lying in the hospital bed. As I walked back to the floor I saw Sibel walking behind a doctor into Abi's room.

I wanted to go call the boys but something stopped me.

I found my way to the door. I was about to knock as I heard Sibel shouting.

I leant my head against the door to hear what they were talking about.

'WHAT'S WRONG WITH HER?!' Sibel shouted loud.

I got really tensed.

'It.. looks like you have damaged bone marrow..' he suddenly said.


'D-does it mean.. I-' I heard Abi trembling.

'Yes miss. You have Leukemia.. bone marrow cancer..' he finally said.

My heart stopped for a second.

Abi has cancer.


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