Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


29. Everyone knows


 I turn around in the strangers grip to face someone quite familiar. I was shocked staring at the person in front of me.

'CHRIS?! You scared the shit out of me! ' I shout out of nowhere as I realise it was him.

He starts laughing and pulls me into a big hug saying ' Sorry love, but you're so adorable if you're scared'. I can't help but blush. This guy is crazy.

'Well , what are you doing here? Zayn told me this is a private party..' I asked quite confused.

'That's because I work here' he says pointing at his shirt.

'I see' I smile.'How are you doing? And when have you been released from hospital?' I asked thinking back to the time I first met him.

'Yesterday. The doc told me I was doing really good and I could work today and you can't imagine how happy I am to see you here today. Looks like the doctor did me a big favor.' he says blinking at me.

'By the way, everythings better between you and Zayn again?' Chris asks looking down at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

'Yes everything's fine'  I reply.

He smiles at me but soon his smile fades. He looks a bit sceptical as he stares at someone or something behind me. I look at him confuced. As I was about to turn around he stopped me.

'Sibel, I'm really sorry I need to go now. I'm in a hurry, see u later' he hesitated as he turned around walking away. I was confused.

Suddenly I felt a hand place on my shoulder. I turn around to face a worried but at the same time angry Zayn.

'That was Chris , am I right?' Zayn asks in a deep voice.

I nodd silent looking into his dark eyes.

'Let's leave' he finally says grabbing my hand and pulling me with him.


As we reached to the side of the corner the boys and seyhan were dancing. They all seemed quite drunk. Everyone was there except for Niall and.. Abi.

Shit. Abi. I completely forgot about her.

'Zayn wait' I say stopping as he turned around. 'I need to find Abi. She's gone' I said in a worried tone but he shoke his head. 

'She went home with Niall' he said turning around tugging me behind him.

He was angry. Really angry. I could see it in his eyes. But why?


'Whaaats up maate?!' Louis came dancing over to Zayn pulling him into a big hug.

It didn't seem like he was taking care not to drink to much because of his sister.

They all were drunk you could see that. Seyhan was dancing with Harry really close and he was whispering something into her ear making her blush.

Harry and Seyhan made a cute couple. Both of them had those beautiful brown curls and seyhans hazel eyes were perfect next to Harry's green ones. Seyhan was quite petite compared to Harry but that looked really cute. Liam was drunk too as I caught him staring at me he started blushing as well. I couldn't help but laugh.

I turned smiling to Zayn but when I saw his face expression I couldn't smile anymore. 

Something was bothering him.

'Guys, let's get home.' he says walking over to them his hand still covered my wrist.

Everyone nodded and we walk out of the club.


Harry's P.O.V.


Everything was perfect. And by perfect I mean really perfect.

Seyhan is such a small, cute, lovely, funny and adorable but at the same time hot and sexy girl.

I don't know what exactly is happening to me but when I'm near her I just forget everything around me. It's like the world stops for a while and we both are the only ones on this whole planet.

The second she kissed me I felt my heart jumping out of my body. I can't get how I'm still alive.

The feeling I had as I kissed her again felt just right. 

I want to hold her forever. She's meant to be mine and I wont let her go. Never again.

'If you weren't the sister of my best friend I would have done so many things to you, you can't even imagine baby' I whisper into her ear making her blush.

Seyhan was a kind of girl you could easily flirt with. And she's a really good fllirter too. Just as Louis. It didn't really bother me to have Louis arround cause he was the most drunk of us.

As I saw Sibel and Zayn standing in front of Louis I realised Abi wasn't with Sibel.

'Guys, let's go home' Zayn said in a deep voice. He didn't seem happy at all. Everyone nodded.

That's when I realised Niall was nowhere either.

As we got outside I walked over to Zayn and stopped him.

'Zayn. Where are Niall and Abi?' I asked trying to hide my anxiety.

'They went home earlier. She didn't feel well at all' he said staring at me. Suddenly his eyes shoot open.

'SHIT!' he let out a scream as everyone turned around. 'Niall took his car. We just have one and we are 6 people' Zayn stated and I started laughing.

'That's no problem , we can make it' I say walking over to Seyhan pulling her close leaning in to her ear.

'Would you mind sit on my lap during the drive, love?' I whisper so only she can hear it.

I could tell everyone was staring at us but the only ones who really understood what was happening where Zayn and Sibel as Liam and Louis still tried to walk straight.

'I wouldn't mind but only if you promise to keep your hands with you' she giggled.

I smiled at her and turned around. Sibel's and Zayn's face expression was quite irritadet as I walked over to them.

'Problem solved.' I blinked. 'Oh and.. don't worry about that. I have everything under control' I said smiling at them. They nodd. 'I hope so Harry' Sibel says as we get into the car and find our way back home.


Zayn's P.O.V.

What was all this about? Why did she talk to Chris? I didn't know they became so good friends.

I don't know if it should bother me cause she's my girlfriend and not his. But in a way the fact she likes him kills me inside. I don't want to get jealous but sometimes you can't control it.

I never liked Chris. Since we used to go college he always had been the nice and smart one. He was the reason why I had the 'bad boy' image. I don't like him. And now? He's getting close to my girl. 

I turn around to see Sibel lying next to me sleeping. She's facing the wall so I can't look into her face. I don't wanted to overreact but she must have found out I'm mad. I just don't want to see her with Chris. I'm afraid someday I'll loose her because of him.

He's in every way better for her than me and he would spent a lot of time with her. Not like me cause I'm always on tour. I don't want her to leave me because of him.

Anger starts building in me. I just can't sleep. I want him to walk out of my life. Out of Sibel's life.

I just hate him.


The next morning I wake up with noone next to me. Sibel should have woken up earlier.

I sit up in the bed running my fingers through my hair. I'm not sure if I'm angry or just afraid.

I stare at the ceiling as I hear a knock on the door. 

'Yeah, come in' I say turning to the door.

'Hey mate, what's up with Sibel? she doesn't look really happy what happend?' Liam walks into my room closing the door behind him.

'What do you mean my 'not happy'?' I ask a bit annoyed.

'She came downstairs about an hour ago and didn't talk to anyone neither did she eat or drink something. She just sits on the couch staring at the ground thinking about god knows what' Liam says in a worried tone. 'Tell me, what's wrong' he continues.

'I don't know Liam.. you remember chris?' I ask looking up at him.

'Chris? That's the guy you beated up because he tried to protect Sibel, right? What's up with him?' he asks in a friendly voice.

'I can't get ride of the feeling he makes Sibel happier than I do..' I mumble.

'Why's that?' Liam asks.

'Don't know.. just saw them at the club together.. It would usually don't bother me but she told Harry she would go look after Abi but Abi was at home with Niall- which only means he lied to him. But why would she do that? And after she was talking to Chris and when I arrived he got tensed and left her alone..' I stated.

'Really? But Sibel isn't that kind of girl Zayn. Why would she do that? Why would she lie?' Liam questioned.

'That's the point Liam. I don't know. Maybe she don't wanted me or anyone to know she was talking to Chris? Last time we had the missunderstanding she wanted to stay at Chris'. But she didn't even know him.. I'm just confused' I said resting my head in my hands.

'Oh.. I see. Zayn I know I shouldn't tell you this but maybe you just have to talk to her. I also had the doubt tha..' Liam mumbled as I turned to face him.

'doubt that what liam?' I asked sternly.

'Nevermind' he said standing up.

'Liam tell me' I ordered.

'It's just.. don't get me wrong , it's not that I don't trust Sibel but last time we were at the hospital because of Abi.. and you asked for Sibel and when Niall told you she was outside getting some fresh air..' Liam started.

'Yeah what's about that?' I asked an eyebrow raised.

'I.. saw her minutes after coming out of another room.. probably this Chris' guys room since he was the only one at the moment she knew was in hospital besides abi' Liam finally said.

I was shocked. So there was something on between them both.

I got angry but at the same time tears started to build in my eyes but I fighted to hold them back.

I sat back down on my bed.

'Zayn I didn't mean to-' Liam said but another voice cutted him off.

I looked to the door. Niall was standing at the doorframe.

'Guys Abi needs to talk to us. Can we meet up in 2minutes in the dining room? We will be waiting.'

he said. Liam and I both nodded and he left.

Liam looked quite worried. I went over to the dresser and got out a light blue shirt and some trousers. Liam left the room while I changed.

I was wondering what Abi was going to tell us. It was not a positiv thing. You could see it in Niall's face expression. 

I went downstairs and saw everyone sitting on the table watching Abi as she was leaning on the counter right next to her was Sibel.

Sibel didn't even look at me she was really worried and tried to talk to Abi.

The only thing I could hear was her whispering 'Are you sure you want to do this?'.

'Guys what's going on here?' I asked as everyone turned to face me. Including Sibel.

'Zayn you should sit down.. there's something really important Abi wants you all to know' Harry stated looking at Abi and than back at us.

I sat down next to Louis and Liam and looked over to Niall.

He was also really nervous.

Sibel started rubbing Abi's back as she was facing the ground trying to make her feel better.

'You don't have to do this' she told her but Abi shook her head.

'I have to.' she finally looked up.

'As you know, I haven't been feeling well the past days..' she started and everyone stared at her.

Oh no. This isn't a good start.

'The doctor told me you were f-fine?' Niall stuttered.

Abi looked at him. Trying to hold back her own tears shaking her head.

'No..I'm not.. not yet anyway' she mumbled.

'Come on Abi. You can do it' Harry said giving her a reassuring smile.

He knew it?

'I.. I'm not feeling good.. cause' ahm I..' she looks down letting a tear escape her eyes.

'You what?' I say out of nowhere.

She looks at me and than back to Niall.

'I have.. cancer' she finally says.


Niall's P.O.V.


'CANCER?!' Louis shouts as everyone stands up in shock.

And there it goes. Every tears I tried to hide are now streaming down my face.

Abi's kneeling down sobbing and crying. Sibel and Harry right next to her trying to hold her.

Everyone is shocked fighting back their tears and I'm just standing there staring at her.

Staring at her while tears stream down my face.

Now everything makes sence. Abi has cancer. My first real love has cancer.

That's why she got that emotinal when I told her 'someday it's too late'. 

Of course it's too late because she's going to die..

Shit I can't take this anymore.

My Abi has cancer.




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