Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


20. Drama after Drama

Abi's P.O.V.


'Come here , Abi look what I found' I hear Niall shouting from the hall.

I was really not in the mood to do something neither to talk.

I just wanted to make sure Sibel is alright.

I walked into the livingroom and find Niall sitting infront of a big box with plenty of DVD's in it.

'Look Abi , there are video's of our childhood , let's watch them together. You look like you need something to get you out of your mind and don't worry about Sibel , she will be alright' he tried to comfort me. 

I just nodd before sitting down on the couch. 

He grabbed one DvD with the letters 'Niall's 5th birthday' on it and started the video.

After about half an hour we sat there watching and laughing. He was right. I just forgot about everything around me. It was just me and Niall. Like in the past.

I let me head fall down on his shoulder and let out a loud yawn.

'Tired?' he asked laughing while looking down at me.

I nodd. 'But Niall , I promised Josh I would get home tonight' I stated while yawning again.

'Abi , love , don't get me wrong but you're too tired to drive. And my car isn't here. It's at Harry's 

I think he wont mind if you spend the night here' Niall said.

'Yeah I think you're right. I'll just text him' I say while grabbing my phone.

'Hey babe , I'm to tired and can't drive. I'm gonna spend tonight again here at Niall's he just got home.. I'll see u tomorrow morning , promise! don't miss me too much I love you Joshii Xx - Abi'

I put my phone back on the cupboard and turn around to see Niall still sitting on the couch watching the video's from the past.

I make my way over to him grabbing a blanket and lay down on his lap.

He strokes his fingers through my hair and after a few minutes I fall asleep.


Sibel's P.O.V.


It's been two hours since I'm waiting in the hospital for the doctors to come out.

Chris is in ICU. It's all my fault. I mean I don't even know him and he now might die because of me.

What's Zayn's problem? He can't get that angry if someone just tries to defend me if he's also a cheater. I just don't understand why he's playing with my feelings.

But even though I love him. But I hate the fact he doesn't care about our relationship.

Suddenly a doctor appeared and took me out of my thoughts.

'Anyone here for Christopher Dawson?' he asked looking around the room.

I quickly shoot up. 'Yeah here' I say walking over to him.

'Hello , I'm Dr. Nathan - Nathan David's. And you are?' he asked stretching his hand in front of me.

'I-I'm Sibel. Sibel Brandon' I say shaking his hand.

'Well , are you Mr. Dawson's girlfriend or so?' he asked smiling at me.

'What? N-No! I mean I ahm he's a friend of mine' I say shocked of his suggestion.

'Oh I'm really sorry Miss Brandon I just thought.. what ever. Your friend is doing quite well , he had some broken rippes but they have been put right back. He's now unconsious but tomorrow morning he will wake up and everthing will seem alright. If you wanna see him just go' he said smiling and then walking away.

I don't know , should I go inside? I mean I don't really know him. But I have to say sorry. 

I walk in and sit down next to him on the chair. He's lying on the bed while his eyes were shut. You could see his bruises and a scratch under his eye. I'm really sorry for him.

I feel very tired after watching him half an hour.Then I fell asleep on the chair.


Josh's P.O.V.


I spent the whole day alone at home watching Scrubs and How I met your mother while waiting for Abi. It's been about three days since she had left and I try to calm myself don't and not to worry.

She told me she would get back tonight so I just decided to wait. 

It's really empty and silent in here without her on my side. I really love her and because of that the jeaulousness grows even more. I don't want her to spend so much time with Niall. 

She's mine , isn't she?

As I decide to make something to eat my phone suddenly goes on. I have a message.

I walk back over to the cupboard in the livingroom to see Abi texted me.

I smiled while reading her name on the screen. As I open it , my smile faded.

'Hey babe , I'm to tired and can't drive. I'm gonna spend tonight again here at Niall's he just got home.. I'll see u tomorrow morning , promise! don't miss me too much I love you Joshii Xx - Abi'

No. This can't be happening. I don't want her to stay at Niall's. 

'I'm gonna pick you up. Be there in about 20min' I say as I walk upstairs to make myself reading before leaving. It was 19.43pm but I still don't want to look like rubish if I get there.

I put on my black skinnies , my blue v-neck and grab my jacket.

I put on my shoes and walk out of the door. 

I stuck in trafic because of the heavy rain. Shit.

I didn't got a reply. I got even more angry.

As I finally arrived it was 20.10pm. I walked up to the door and knocked.

No answer. I knocked again , louder this time. Still no answer. Then I saw that the door wasn't locked. I opened it and walked in.

As I got into the hall I couldn't believe my eyes. I felt how my heart began to race as I felt anger building in me. A.lot.of.anger.

I just stood there watching both of them while they were sleeping arm in arm on the sofa under just one blanket cuddled up together.

Her head was leant against his chest and Niall's head was resting in her dark brown hair.

Suddenly Abi started to struggle and opened her eyes.

She saw me and I could see confusion in her eyes.

'Josh?' she said while rubbing her eyes and looking back to Niall who was lying right next to her.

'Oh sorry I hope I don't disturbe you' I said sarcastic. She knew I was angry. I could see the fear in her eyes more than surprise.

'Disturbe..? What are you talking about? I told you I will be home tomorrow morning' she said even more confused.

'Yeah and I told you I would come and pick you up but you didn't fuckin answer!' I yelled.

she was scared.

'I-I didn't know.. I fell a-asleep' she whispered still shocked of my voice.

'Oh yeah right. Fell asleep with your sweet little 'best friend' huh?' I shouted at her.

I saw Niall woke up because of the noise. I looked back to Abi. Her eyes full of tears.


'What the fuck are you doing here? and stop yelling at Abi who do you think you are?!' Niall said jumping up.

He stood right infront of me shoving Abi behind his back.

'Don't do this fuckin bullshit again Josh! You scared her!' he yelled.

'Oh sorry , I didn't know she was that important to you.' I said laughing again 'Don't do the same fucking shit you did to me and Jessica , Niall! You messed all the things up! But this time it won't work!' I yelled back at him. He was shocked.

'J-Jessica?' I heard Abi mumble. Holy crap. I don't wanted to talk about Jessica. Shit what did I do?.

'Who is Jessica?' she managed to ask.

I just looked at the ground.

'Yeah come on mate , tell her. Who's Jessica? Looks like you haven't told her yet' Niall said and I quickly shoot him a glare.

'Josh.. tell me' she started to walk closer. Her eyes still full of tears.

'Nevermind..' I mumbled.

'Josh tell me! WHO THE FUCK IS JESSICA?!' she yelled.

'I- let's just get home' I tried to change the topic. I grabbed her arm but he flinched away.


'I'll tell you at home ok?! Let's just go!' I yell back.

she shoots me a glare , walks past me and grabs her shoes and jacket.

'Then let's go' she snapped in an angry voice walking out of the door slamming it behind her.

I turn around to see Niall glaring at me.

'Don't you ever dare to hurt her' he says while walking upstairs.

Then I find my way to the car.

I sit myself down and so does Abi.

She's really pissed at the moment.

'She used to be my girlfriend' I mumbled.

Abi turned to look at me. Her expression was no more angry. She was a bit confused.

What do you mean ' used to be? what happend between you?' she asked worried.

'She.. ahm' I stuttered.

'Did you both break up?' she asked me.

'We didn't get the chance to break up..' I replied.

'Josh! Fuckin talk to me! What happend to her?!' she got angry again.

I felt a tear escape my eyes as I finally manage to say

'she died..'

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