Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


32. Date

Louis' P.O.V.

Just the minute I arrived Liam turned around and ran towards the door aswell.

What's wrong with everyone? So here are just me and Zayn left.

'Everything okay, mate?' I ask getting closer to him seeing the confusion in his eyes.

He sits down resting his head in his hands with his elbows placed on the dining table.

I sit down next to him rubbing his back. He's not feeling well. I don't want to see him like this.

'Zayn, c'mon tell me what's wrong' I say trying to read his face expression.

' I'm sorry Louis, I can't really talk at this moment. I just messed up everything..' he mumbles standing up.

'Ok, but don't you forget. If there's anything I can do for you, I'll be right next door. Don't blame yourself for something Zayn everything will get alright' I try to convince him look as he fakes a smile and walks towards the door and seconds after he's gone aswell.

I grab my jacket and shoes and decide to leave also since there's no one left of the guys.

As I step out of the house I was greated by the sun shining straight into my eyes. I squeaze them shut and as I open them again I see Harry and Seyhan walking towards me. Hand in hand.

Wait. What? Hand in hand? I rubb my eyes and look at them clearly. Now they weren't hoding hands. Maybe I just had haluzination.

I walk towards them as I see both of them are smiling wide.

'You're feeling better mate?' I ask looking at Harry who nodds his head yes.

I smile at him and then turn to face Seyhan. She seems to be happy aswell. But all of a sudden I remember mum's phone call. My smile drops on the thoughts of Max. If it wasn't him Seyhan would have never cried. I'm going to tear his soul out of his body. I'm just going to kill him. 

'Louis, you're okay?' Seyhan's smile drops aswell as I look into her eyes. She's worried.

'Yeah.. I just, ahm everyone left.. shall we go to mine?' I ask changing the topic.

She nodds her head yes before turning to look at Harry for a moment.

They both smile at each other and then she grabbs my arm as we both start walking towards my own beachhouse which is on the opposite side of Niall's.


Niall's  P.O.V.


' What the?! Are you allowed to take a giraffe on the highway?' Abi asks at me confused as Hangover 3 just has started.

I can't hold back my laughter because of her question.

'Of course you can't. But you know it's just a movie, don't you?' I ask grinning at her.

'Shut up Niall, this is just too unreliable' she complains.

'So what? Shall I call Todd Phillips and complain about his unreliable scene in Hangover 3?' I ask sarcastic.

'Just shut up, you don't understand me' she says pissed of.

I put an arm around her shoulder pulling her close to me.

'Sometimes you just have to shut your mouth and enjoy the film, love' I whisper into her ear.

She snuggles into my chest and lets out a big sigh.

'Remember, I'm always here for you.. you're my best friend and I wont let anything happen to you, right?' she looks up at me with big eyes and then smiles and nodds her head.

Oh how I wish I could just pull her close for a kiss and tell her how much I love her. I can't act like the 'best friend' when I have clear feelings for her. I want to tell her and I really have to. But I'm afraid of her reaction. But on the other side I don't want to wait long cause I'm afraid someday it might be to late. 

As the movie was finished I turn my face to see her cuddled up in my chest sleeping. I bend down and kiss her forhead while stepping out of her bed and pulling the blanket over her.

I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to call Doctor Nathan and make an appointment for tomorrow. I want to make sure she's fine for now and what we can do next.


I walk downstairs into the kitchen while typing the number of the hospital in my phone and it started to ring.

'Good evening, my name is Rachel from The Wellington Hospital London. What can I do for you?'

'Yes, my name is Niall Horan. Can I speak to Dr. Nathan Davids please?'

'Yes, just a minute..' she says tiping something into the computer.

'I'm sorry, Dr. Nathan is just in sugery he's not available at the moment.' she finally says.

'Oh I just needed an appointment with him' I said grabbing the cookiebox from the counter and opening it.

'Yeah sure Mr. Horan. I can do it for you, When would you like to have the appointment?' she asks.

'Tomorrow.. if it's possible.' I state taking a bite of the chocolate cookie.

'Let's see.. ahm yes, tomorrow he's here.. what about tomorrow morning at 9.45am?' she asks in a friendly voice.

'Sound perfect thank you' I say into the phone.

'Fine, I'll register that.' she replies.

I smile thanking her and hung up.

As I finished my cookie I walk back up to Abi's room getting in bed beside her and just holding and watching her until I finally fall asleep next to her.


Seyhan's P.O.V.


Louis is really worried. But something tells me it's not because of Abi. Or not just because of her.

But what? Maybe because of me and Harry? Did he found out? No , otherwise he wouldn't have asked if Harry's feeling better now. But what's wrong with him? I want to ask but I don't want to upset him even more.

As we walked into the house I just headed into the kitchen grabbing the orange juice bottle and a glas. I pour some into it and turn around to see Louis standing in the doorframe watching me.

'You want some too?' I say smiling at him.

He shakes his head no faking a smile.

'Okay Lou, I can see something is wrong. What is it?' I ask putting the glas back down and walking over to him.

He shrugges his shoulders saying ' Everything what's happening at the moment.. but you don't have to worry.' I look at him and I can tell he's hiding something.

'No Louis, there's something more. Tell me what's bothering you.' I say trying to look into his eyes but he turns away.

'Are you happy, Seyhan?' he asks out of nowhere.


'Are you feeling happy? I-I mean do you like London and do you like staying here with u-' he states but I cut him off.

'Louis what's wrong with you? Of course I'm happy! I'm going to spent the next few months with my loving big brother! Did you know how I missed being with you? I'm more than happy! I'm feeling extremly good in London and everyone has been so nice to me.. you don't have to worry about me' I say trying to comfort him.

He smiles still unsure. 

'Look, I know you're still worried because of everything what happend in the past but you know me right? I just don't take care about something what happend months ago. I want to finish school and I'm just looking forward to live my life as happy as I can.' I smile at him pulling him into a bear hug.

He chuckles. 'Of course I know but for me you've always been my little princess I needed to protect.' he smiles at me.

'And I always will be, Lou. I love you so much you're just the best and I really mean the BEST brother a girl could have' I smile at him.

'And you're the most annoying but lovely sister a boy can get' he smiles at me kissing my cheek.

I hit him against his arm. 'Ahh that hurts' he whines.

'I'm not annoying' I state crossing my arms infront of my chest.

'You are' he grinns cheeky. 

'Oh Louis, you better..' I say before he turns around starting to run out of the kitchen. I take a step forward and run after him yelling his name.

We both fall to the ground in the livingroom laughing as I take a pillow from the couch throwing it directly into his face.

'I hate you' I say with a sad face expression.

'But I love you, little sis' he smiles pulling me close to a hug.


*later in the evening*


I hear my phone going off as I walk over to my bed and read 'Harry Styles' on the display.

'Yeah Harry?' I smile into the phone checking my make up one last time in the mirror.

'I'm outside, love. Are you ready or shall I come inside?' he chuckles into the phone.

'No I'm coming. Louis is sleeping in his room, I don't want to wake him. He didn't feel very well today so I didn't even told him about our 'date'. I will be there in a minute' I say grabbing my handbag.

'So you're confessing it's a date, huh?' I can tell he's grinning.

'I never denied it Styles' I reply.

'Cheeky much? Well.. can't wait to see you. Hurry a bit,love' he laughs.

This is really going to be funny. 

'Well I think it might take about 5-10 minutes so you have to wait' I say trying to hold back my laughter.

'Are you playing with me baby? If you're not here in a minute I'll come and get you and I don't care if I wake up Louis' he laughs.

'You wouldn't dare' I challenge. But at the same time I'm afraid he would.

'But anyway, I'm ready.' I finally say before hunging up and walking out of the door.

His car is waiting infront of me as I step inside he's glaring at me.

'What?' I ask laughing.

He chuckles before turning the engine on and driving to the next fivestar hotel.

Those cute dimples playing on his cheeks are just adorable.

It's really hard not to fall for him.

I can't even resist his smile and those cute curls or his beautiful green eyes and just him. 

Harry Styles is going to be my dead. Even If Louis going to hate me for this.


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