Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


19. Chris


* 2 days later *


Abi's P.O.V.

It's early in the morning and Sibel is still in her room probably sleeping.

Today is the day the boys are getting back home. Actually I'm very happy and excited to see the boys again after one week, which felt like a year. But on the other side I'm really worried about Sibel.

She wouldn't sleep , eat or talk the past days. It's really horrible for me to see her that upset.

But since Zayn is like my best friend I also have to believe him and I don't want them both to get upset or even broken up. I haven't seen Josh the past three days but he knows that I'm with Sibel.

I told him I'll get home this evening. I promised. I really miss him even if I don't know him that long.

I hope everything will get better. 

The worse thing is , since I've been spending the days with Sibel I don't really feel well. I mean I'm good. I'm not ill and I neither have fever. It's just something different. It feels like I could be vormiting the whole day. I just feel sick. Maybe because of the hard days or just because of the bad mood in here.


Zayn's P.O.V.

Now we're sitting here in our big black van which picked us up at the airport. Usually I would feel excited to see Sibel again but now I'm just afraid. Afraid of her reaction if she see's me again. I'm afraid that she wouldn't forgive but most of it I'm afraid of loosing her.

The first one who was dropped at home was Louis. Then Liam. Now it's my turn. I hope she wont get angry if she sees me. So many feelings and thoughts are running through my mind.

'Here you go Zayn , we've arrived.' the sound of Paul took me back to reality.

'Yeah.. thanks' I mumble while Niall placed on hand on my shoulder.

'Don't worry mate , just go talk to her' he tries to comfort me.

I just smile and get out of the car running over to the front door and wave one last time to Paul , Niall and Harry.


As I step in it's really quite. I throw my bag and keys on the sofa and run upstairs.

I open our bedroom door but no one is in there. I get even more worried.

I run through the house screaming and shouting her name. But no answer.

She's not here. 

A tear escaped my eyes as I sit back down on the couch. She left me. Fuck.

Suddenly a thought hit my mind. Abi. She must have spent the days with Abi.

Of course! 

I pull out my phone and start to text Niall. If Sibel's at his house she may not want to see me.

'Niall Horan'

Me : 'Hey mate , are you at home?'

Niall : 'No not yet , we just dropped Harry. Now we're going to mine , why?'

Me : ' Can you do me a favor? Sibel's not at home , she might be at yours with Abi. Please message me immediatly if she's there. But don't tell her.'

Niall : 'Yeah of course Zayn I'll text you :) x'

Me : 'Thanks Ni xx'

I put my phone back into my pocket and rest on the sofa. Still waiting for Niall's answer.


Niall's P.O.V.


After Zayn texted me I got a bit tensed. What if Sibel's not at mine? If Abi is at Josh's and no one knows where she has gone? I really have to clear the mess up. I said my goodbye to Paul and climbed out of the van.

I made my way up to the door and knocked on it. Suddenly the door swings open and I see Abi standing right infront of me.

A big smile appearse on my face as she jumps up and hugs me tightly.

'Niaaaalll , omg it's you! You can't imagine how I missed you!' she screamed still hugging me.

I hugged her back still laughing by her words.

I pull back and place a soft kiss on her cheeks.

'I missed you too , love' I say while looking into her beautiful eyes.

'Let me take your things' she said grabbing my bag and pulling of my jacket.

I smile and find my way over to the living room.

'Feels good to be home' I say while looking around in the room. There was no one except for me and Abi.

'Abi?' I ask searching for her.

'Yeah?' she shouts out of the kitchen. I walk over to her.

'Look , a lot of things happend the past days but I really need to talk to Sibel , you know where she is?' I asked a bit worried.

'Eh.. yeah.. she's upstairs in my room.. but please Niall don't say anything wrong' she replies a bit confused.

'I wont' I respond while walking upstairs.


I walked upstairs while Abi was still in the kitchen cooking some food.

I got to her room and knocked. She wouldn't expect me to be here.

But I didn't got an answer. I decided to walk in.

As I opened the door I saw Sibel sitting there on the bed. Her eyes were red and puffy. Like she's been crying the whole day.

I walk over to her as she suddenly turns around and stares at me.

'Niall?' she asks surprise getting up and running over to me hugging me tightly.

'hey Sibel , you're ok?' I asked a bit confused as we both sat down on the bed.

'No.. not really. I feel sick and I don't know..' she mumbled.

'I know a lot of things happend but you have to believe me. Zayn loves y-' she cuts me off.

'Please , I don't wanna talk about it'.

I nodd and stand up. ' well I'm going downstairs , something to eat you know. You can come join us whenever you want, love. We'll be waiting' I say as I walk to the door.

'Sure, just give me 5mins' she responds.

I smile at her and walk out of the room. As I close the door behind me I grab my phone out of my pocket to text Zayn. 

'She's here' 


After we finished with eating we decided to chill a bit in the livingroom. Not watching movie or something. Just sitting there , drinking tea and talking about the concert. 

Zayn should arrive soon. Well I hope so.


After about 20 mins the doorbell rang and Abi walked over to open it.

As she opened the door Sibel and I were sitting in the hall until we heared her surprised voice.

'ZAYN?!' she asked and after a few seconds he walked into the hall.

Tears were building in Sibel's eyes as she tried to look away from Zayn back to me.

She tried hard but she couldn't. I walked over to Abi who was still quite shocked.

'I think we should go. Let both of them talk.' I whispered grabbing her arm and pulling her with me into the kitchen.


Sibel's P.O.V.


As I saw Zayn standing infront of me I just wanted to forget everything. Every single thing that happend in the past days and just run into his arms hug him and cry. Say him how I missed him and go back to his.

But I can't. The thoughts of him cheating on me made me feel even more sick.

'Sibel?' he asked getting closer.

'Wh-what do you want?' I asked fighting back tears.

'You have to underst-' he starts to say as I cut him off.

'Zayn stop. Just stop talking! I don't want to hear any excuses for something. I know what happened and I don't know if I'm now able to talk about it. Please leave' I yelled at him.

'I wont go anywhere until I got the opportunity to explain everything to you' he shouted back.

'Zayn I don't want to see you rightnow! If you don't go , then I will' I said running past him while opening the door and running out.

'Sibel ! Wait' I heared Zayn shout behind me as I ran down the alley.

It was cold and late. I don't want to run but I have to. 

Suddenly I felt his strong hand grab my upper arm pulling me towards him to face him.

I flinch away. 'Leave me alone! I don't want to talk to you! neither to see you ! Just.. get lost!' I scream tears streaming down my face.

As I feel a warm hand grab be and pulling me away from Zayn.

'What's going on here?' I heared a boy who was about Zayn's age ask as he pulled me close behind him. 'Zayn what are you doing with that girl?' he asked angry.

I looked up to meet his beautiful blue eyes.

'What the fuck Chris! Mind your own buisness ! It's something between me and her!' Zayn shouts back.

'Oh really , looks like she don't want to talk to you or why is she crying huh?' he asked pulling me close to him. I stand stand there without moving.

'Get off my girlfriend chris!' Zayn yelled as he punches Chris into his face couple of times as he finally lies on the cold floor.

Zayn gets on him and starts to punch him in the stomarch.

'ZAYN! STOP! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HIM! ZAYN FUCK STOP THIS SHIT!' I scream as he finally gives him a last punch and gets up.

'Don't you dare touch her again' Zayn hissed before walking over to me.

I feel my whole body shiver.

'Are you mad?! What's wrong with you?! YOU NEARLY KILLED HIM ZAYN!' I shout at him grabbing his collar.

He's shocked.

'But Sibel he-' he starts.

'HE WHAT?! he just tried to defend me! Zayn I don't want to see u! I need some time just go! Now ! Zayn I really love you and I still do but this is killing me inside! Get away!' I scream while tears stream down my cheeks.

We stay there for a couple of seconds before I finally stand up and turn around to walk over to chris. Zayn's voice interrupts me.

'Sibel..' he says as I turn around to face him.

'I love you' he says looking into my eyes. I could see tears forming in his brown hazel eyes.

'Then prove it' is the only thing I manage to say before walking to Chris.

I grab my phone and call the ambulance.

I look one last time at Zayn as he finally turns around and walks away.

After 3mins the ambulance arrived and we all drive to the hospital.

I hope Chris will get alright. 

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