Lost in Love. ♥

Living with my best friend Sibel in London can be really funny. Especially when you're close to the boys of One Direction. I have known Niall now for more than 16 years and now here I am sharing a house with him in a private place in London city. Everything has it's ups and downs but finally everything's perfect and nothing other than just perfect.


17. Aftershow Party


Zayn's P.O.V.


'Let's get ready guys ! You're on in 3 - 2 - 1 - NOW! ' the man shouted from the backstage as all curtains shoot open. There we are. On the big stage on Miami. Thousand of screaming fans just arround us and the only thing I'm thinking about is when I'm gonna get back home. It is our first concert in Miami and all of the boys are quite excited.

'Heeeellooo Miaami' Harry starts too shout while everyone gets excited of hearing his voice.

Then it started. Everything went fine. We sang and jumped and danced. We laughed a lot and the fans enjoyed every single move. Niall tried to jump again in the air when he slipped and fell down on his back. He got shocked when everyone bursted into a big laugh. That was really funny. I got over to him and helped him up. 

Then we got to the twitter questions. I didn't really think about anything strange could happen. I mean ,  of course nothing would happen we've been doing this for the past year.

Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry read out their favorite tweets. Now it's my turn. 

'Vaaaas happenin Miami ! Everyone's good today? I hope you enjoy this show tonight - well I do! .. Now this is myy favorite twitter question.' I started to read out loud. ' What is your favorite woman parfume and why do you like it most?' The boys started laughing. Everyone things I'm the kind of bad boy but I'm not. ' Well, ahm it mide sound rude for a boy to have a favorite 'woman parfume' but yes.. I have' I started feeling myself blush a bit as everyone became silent. 'It's J'adore from Dior' I smiled.

'You just like it 'cause it's the parfume Sibel is wearing all the time , don't you' Liam suggested knowing the answer.

Everyone started screaming. ' I bet now every single girl on this planet is going to buy this god damn perfume Zayn , great Job' Harry said laughing and poking into my arm.

'Soo and this tweet is from @beccaMalik01 - block 109 , row H , seats 1-4' 

I searched for a bit until I found her screaming and waving from her seat.She looked like she wasn't that young - maybe 17 or 18. She had brown curly hair and grey eyes. In a way she reminded me at Sibel. ' So , love what's your favorite perfume for man? oh and great name by the way ' I asked her and she nearly freaked out. ' JUST THE PERFUME YOU USE!!' she shouted and everyone started laughing. Me too. I smiled one last time at her and then turned back to the boys.

After half an hour we sang our last song and thanked all of the fans for having us. My eyes suddenly wandered to the girl who looked similar to Sibel. She didn't seem that nervous and excited anymore. Then we all went backstage. 


I took out my phone and started messaging Sibel. 

'hey babe , how r u doing? miss me much? xx - Zayn'

' Im fineeee ok stop lying , it's horible without you. I miss you that much I can't put it in words zayn :( xx ' she replied.

' don't worry love , I'll be back in less than 3 days Xx' 

'yeah I know. I hope I'll survive. But you know what? I kept my promise and I'm sure I'm going to keep it , babe Xx' 

I smiled. 'Yeah then I think I can agree to the World-tour which starts next month?'

- 'Noooooo! :( xx' 

'haha! just kidding. Well I gotta go :( I love you Sibel , and I really miss you' 

'I love you to , Zayn xx' 

I smiled again and put my phone into my back pocket. 

'LET'S GET READY FOR THE PARTYYYY' Harry shouted , running around the cabinets.

yeah , this is going to be fun. 



- at the aftershow party -


It was not that kind of club-party. It was just a party with a few of our friends to celebrate being in US with lots of drinks - means alcohol and stuff.

The thing the management didn't tell us was , that there were going to be 'special guests' at the party. Some girls who won the 'Meet & Greet with One Direction-pass' We didn't even know until we were surrounded by 5 girls at the bar looking with big eyes at us. They were holding blocks and kinds of pens in their hands , probably to get a sign from us. We welcomed everyone with a hug and they got excited. Everyone except one girl. She looked very familiar. At the time Harry was getting the girls over to the couch I went to the familiar girl who just stared at me.

'I think I know you.. Are you- oh hey! you are the parfume girl right?' I asked laughing and hugging her.

'Yeah that must be me' she said a little bit shy. She must be the exact copie of Sibel.

'What's your name , love?' I asked walking with her over to the boys and girls sitting on the couch.

'Rebecca' she replied.

'Well guys , you have quite a lot of time. What do you want us to do?' Louis asked excited.

He's the only guy who's the closest to the fans - I mean we all are. But Louis is something special i think. 

'C-Can you sing for us?' A blond haired girl asked a bit nervous.

We all looked at eachother.

'Sure' we replied with a grin and Niall ran over to get the mic's.

As he arrived we all got up and went outside to the pool. there was a big bench and the girls sat down on it. Inside there were to many paparazzi's and maybe the girls don't want to be flashed all around their first meet and greet. 

We took our position and began to sing More than this.

During the whole song I just thought about Sibel. She loves this song. It's her favorite one.

Sometime's she gets nightmares and wakes up in the middle of the night  sweating and breathing heavy. Then everytime I take her close in my arms and sing more than this. Just to feel her heart beating slower against my arms , watching her fall back asleep.

Now it's my solo.


I've never had the words to say

but now I'm asking you to stay , 

for a little while inside my arms.


The boys went over to the girls and grabbed the hands of the girls. So did I.

I went to Rebecca and pulled her up.


And as you close your eyes tonight ,

I pray that you'll see the light

that's shining from the stars above.


She looked deep into my eyes smiling. I don't know what happend just a second of silence surrounded us until i found myself kissing her.

I quickly pull away seeing a big flash hurting my eyes. SHIT. THEY TOOK A PHOTO.

I can't say anything. The boys looking at me shocked. 

I throw my mic to the ground and just run.

I feel anger build in me and tears stream down my face.

What the fuck has just happend?! 




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