Finding Paradise

This is a poem describing how paradise is easy to find and how so little is needed to find it.


1. Finding Paradise

Look around you,

  Wait until you see,
The most precious sight,

Before you disappear into the light   


The fields,

so green,

The tulips,

so yellow,


Like none's ever seen,

No person could ever know,

That paradise is so easy to find


  The buzzing of the bees,

The rushing of the water,

The wind blowing softly against the trees,

Yes, this is paradise


  If you want to have a castle,

To be looked upon like a king,

That will never help you win the battle,

Just listen to the birds sing,

Listen to what their trying to say


  It doesn't matter what you have in your hands,

It matters what is there for you right from the start,

The sun that shines and the birds that sing,

Are all you could ever need


Yes you could be the king

But not the one everybody knows,

a better one,

One that sees the beauty in the simplest of things,

The king who doesn't asks for much,

In return, gets all he could ever need,


The sun,

the moon,

the birds..



So please don't play with the dice,

And show me you can dance through the fields,

Like nothing matters,

like nothing can bring you down,

So skip, skip away.

Away from all the silly deals


If you hope for the world,

Then you truly don't realise you already have it,

So skip, skip away,

Into the light 

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