Back to the Summer

This is a poem about how a girl feels of a teenage girl she spent a summer with and what experiences she had with her. It describes how the teenage girl changed and was driven into exciting yet dangerous situations.


1. Back to the Summer

I looked at you as if you were a queen,

That is what confuses me so much,

Next to you I did not want to be seen,

As you controlled the world,

Rose above everyone and everything,

  Just like a queen!


  Your eyes, so big and blue,

 I didn't have a clue,

How anybody could think I was pretty,

After seeing you


Even now I think you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,

  If only I could be the queen,

Just for a day,

I could know what it was like,

To be loved at first sight


  But as I think more carefully,

I realise something that shows how,

There is not a person who could be so perfect,

Who can show no feelings to nasty stares


  I realise how even though you seem to have so much control,

You are the one who needs a hand,

As deep down you are hurt, confused, scared.. Ashamed.

Quick! Run before it's too late!


    I remember how you used to make fun of me,

How you used to make me feel like a baby,

How you gave me a slap,

Then another one,

How I,  of the most innocent,

  Was lead into your world, Your world full of scary monsters


  I was only young when I saw what kind of life you lead,

I remember siting in a cell,

Nasty faces laughing at me,

Pointing unfaithful fingers at me,

As if I was the one who caused it all,

Yes, I remember those days in the summer,

I will always remember. 


  You're life is a never ending roller coster through hell,

Nasty monsters running up your perfect nose,

As poison swims down your throat,

Strangers moving against your used body,

Smoke blowing out from those lips shaped into a nasty smile,


I could see it from a mile,

What was to hapen to the pretty girl,

I told you to slow down, 

To stop to think about what kind of queen you were becoming


  I remember those days in the summer,

I will always remember.

Even though I know what kind of queen you have become,

I'm still tortured by the amount of jealousy I feel,

Of the amount of pressure I still have to deal with ,


 I remember how I watched my best friend,

Run to the queen, 

I watched as I sat there all alone,

While their arms wrapped around each other, 

Huge smiles on there faces,


Then, your face looking back at me from my friend's shoulder,

You smirked at me as if saying, "See, I can have it all."  

I remember those days in the summer,

I will always remember.

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