overrated .

Twenty two year old Charlie, a freelance journalist and a book writer comes to the house of Jimmy honshu, a 65 year old stage and movie comedian .Charlie wants to write a book on Jimmy.Charlie finds that Jimmy is a character for whom most people and things are overrated .He spends a weekend and falls in love with Jimmy's granddaughter.


1. The Introduction


Jimmy Honshu,a 65 years old stage acter and a movie comedian has become a house hold name in his home city after doing the role of a grumpy old poet in a movie. The recent success and media attention has made him mad. he has never liked attention.

Jimmy is watching tennis with his grandaughter Alicia.Alicia is a beautiful 20 year old girl.Alicia watches clearly How Maria Sharavopa grunts.She tries to grunt in the same way.Jimmy gets angry and say-"This girl is overrated,she is just a decent player,look her oppenent,the unseeded girl is a better player".Alicia now changes the channel and is watching -How i met your mother.Jimmy Honshu again gets angry and says-"This is the most overrated tv serial,switch it off!"

Alicia switches the tv off .The doorball rings and Alicia opens the door and Charlie a 22 year old freelance journalist and book writer asks for Jimmy Honshu.Charlie comes in with Alicia.Jimmy Honshu is cutting onions.Charlie introduces himself and request an interview with Jimmy Honshu.Jimmy asks Charlie-Are you an overrated writer ?Charlie smiles and replies-Sir,i am highly underrated!

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