Confessions-The beginning of it all

(when they are first years.) Celia Daniels, Leah-Rose Carter, Lacey Miller, Sophie Summers, Michaela Craig, Thomas Daniels, Henry Wilson, Jakob Larsen, Fletcher Johnson and Michael Craig. Do these names sound familiar to you? No? Well let me tell you all about them. They are first years at Springston Boarding School, they are new and they become the best of friends when they meet up at room 7-69 for the party held there. Soon they become inseparable on the tiny groups they have, but could a bunch of dirty rumours break their friendship? Well... That's for you to find out.


1. Meeting people

Everyone says goodbye to their parents and they head towards their buses. The only big thing that really happens is when Celia lets out a laugh at Michael's embarrassment. Luckily he takes it as a joke. They are now at the school, waiting for the principal to speak.


"Now it is time to sort the juniors. First is..." 

She looks down at her scroll.

"Craig, Michaela"

She sits on the stool while she is sorted into a house. Everyone from different houses shout for their houses.


The four tables were shouting repetitively. She was given a piece of paper that had a house on it.

She sits down at the first-years' table. The principal keeps calling names.

"last but not least... Carter, Leah-Rose"

She goes and sits down. The notices are said and food is eaten.

"First-years, I suggest you get to know each other. So that's what everyone did

Emily pov

"Hi, I'm Sophie Summers." a girl says. "I'm Emily Daniels." I hate being called Celia, I absolutely hate it. I only let Mum call me that. "I'm Michaela Craig."

No one pov All the first years were called back to the hall to get their keys and find their rooms. Each floor has 100 rooms and there are seven floors

Sophie pov Here I go. "Hey, I'm Sophie" The girl replies from the couch  "Hey Soph, I'm Lacey" "Nice to meet you too Lace, Change?" "Sure"  Lacey sounds nice. I hope that I can get to know her better soon. My phone vibrates, It's Emily asking if I can go to a party. "Oi Lace, are you up for a party?""Always!" I replied to her saying that I can go.

Michaela pov  Here goes. "Hey I'm Michaela" "I'm Leah-Rose, nice to meet you Millie." "You too Lee, are you up for any parties tonight?" "Of course! Change?" "Sure"

Leah looks real shy, but she sounds like a nice person. I hope to get to know her better. Emily's asking me to go to her party, of course I'll go!

Emily pov

I flick a quick text to the girls telling them about the party. I open the door to the room and see...



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