live to survive

the key to living is to survive. The war started two years ago and i am one of the only ones left. my job is to survive and stay alive but try and get others to a base camp in australia. this war has killed my family and my friends. my one objective is to end the war and kill the head zombie....


2. chapter two

My name is Lyssa James and this is my story.....


Dear journal,

I Dont have much time to right. They're coming. The war started on the 12th of June 2011. Its now the 13th of august 2013. We were at school when the emergency lockdown bells came on. Since we have had it drilled in our heads so many times we got under the tables while miss locked the doors and windows. We all though it was just a drill but miss looked panicked. It was about then that we heard the screaming. My best friends Molly and Kathryn and their boyfriends Harley and Louis were sitting under theri tables hugging and looking over at me. I was furthest away from the door so i could see everything from the little window in the door. When the screaming stopped we all looked around but miss waved her hands and said stay under the desks and she would have a look. She told the kid closest to the door to lock it after she went out. She went out and the kid locked the door and i slowly stood up to have a look. Miss was slowly edging around when this thing jumped out and bit miss. I just stood there shocked as it ripped her to pieces and ate her. It was unbeleivable.

It was then that the principle Ms Dawson said that as unbeleivable as it was we were being attacked by zombies. I mean we had a ll watched a zombie apocalypse movie where the zombies were slow zombies that walked around muttering "brains" to themselves. These zombies were fast agile and no matter how hard you trid you could kill it unless you severed its brain. I saw one zombie have its arms blown off but it still kept crawling towards us. They have no reaction to pain what so ever.

i have to go now but i will write tomorrow. i mean i have to. as one of the only people left her in Kurrajong let alone Australia i need to keep a record of whats gong on. Im just hoping that mum and celua made it to torangio base camp.




so guys thats the first chapter and i hope you like it






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