Broken Bones

Lauren Conrad is a young 19 year old teen who acts perfectly normal behind her fake smile. She lost her mother on her 15th birthday, after that day everything changed. Her father went lunatic after her mothers death. He started using Lauren as a way to let out stress, but it was getting too far. Everyday her father would beat her he loved to see her scream in pain. People started noticing her bruises, how every day she had gotten a new one. Lauren suffered from depression and just wanted to die at this point, noone would even bother to help her or even talk to her. She starts cutting and enjoys it.. suicide has always been a option to her & she tries and tries, but nothing works. But her whole life changed when she met someone who cared about her someone who wanted to help, someone who would save her from this horrible horror, Lauren meets Harry Styles.


1. Worst birthday ever

I woke up in the morning excited because it was my 15th birthday, which means I'm a young woman now. It was really a big deal to me and my family, I guess I was so excited I woke up a tad too early it was only 4:00 am. I got myself out of my bed trying to peak thru the windows, the weather was beautiful sunny with only a few clouds but still good enough. I didn't want to wake anyone up this early in the morning so I just decided to get my iPod and listen to music. I played the most up-beat songs that I really liked, it just got my mood up. I'm just really into to music I'll honestly listen to anything and like it. I've tried working on my vocals and I think I've improved a lot actually. It has always been a dream to me to sing in such a beautiful tone of voice. And get compliments on how good you are, It's just a really nice feeling to have. I continued listening to my music for an hour until my battery died. I took off my headphones and grabbed my iPod to go take it to charge, I looked for a outfit to wear on the special occasion I had tons of clothes it's like my closet is a mall. I decided to wear a tight black dress with flowing ruffles with my black heels. I walked over to the bathroom in my room and looked into the mirror, I looked beautiful I was so happy at the moment I seriously thought it was a dream. I grabbed my curling iron and starting curling my hair, I've never felt so beautiful I just really enjoyed the way I looked. Once I was finished I walked back into my bedroom and started dancing, I spinned like if I was Cinderella. I accidentily tripped over my own foot and scraped my elbow on my bed-frame but it wasn't a big deal, I could take care of that in seconds. I walked over to my bathroom and looked for some band-aids. I placed a band-aid on my cut when I heard a noise, it sounded like someone was moaning in pain. I went out to the hallway and all the doors where shut, I didn't know what the noise was so I just headed back to my room. Right before I closed the door to my room I heard a strong noise as if something or someone fell. I came out and started opening the doors, I thought my brother was playing a trick on my or something since he's a master joker I went into his bedroom but he was asleep which was a bit odd. I went into my parents room not finding my mom besides my dad, I shake my dad a bit to wake him up.


"Where's mom?" I said to him.

"Bathroom" he said.


I closed the door and headed to the bathroom, I tried opening the door but it was jammed.

"Mom? are you okay?" I said, All I heard was crying no reply. I started to get worried, why is she crying? I don't understand it's suppose to be a great day today her daughter is becoming a young woman.

I finally jammed opened the door finding my mother on the cold bathroom floor, her eyes where as red as blood. I kneeled down not knowing what to do.


"Mom?! wake up!" I yelled. I started shaking her but she did not move one bit.

"Mom, please this can't be happening, why!"

The only movement I got from her where her eyes trying to stay open but she was not strong enough. I called my dad and brother and I called the police

Operator: "9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

Me: "My mom won't get up she's on the floor her eyes are bloody red please help! I don't know what to do"

Operator: "What's your address?"

Me: "West Chesire 62910 Apartment number 4"

Operator: "The ambulance are on their way"


My father was trying to do everything he could while my brother helped him, I looked at my mothers face she started getting pale which was not a very good thing. I freaked out and started shaking I went up closer to her face trying to talk to her, she could hardly speak her eyes started to close.


Father: "Lauren.. it's too late" He said while a tear slipped out.

My brother ran out of the room doing who-knows-what.


Me: "This cannot be happening"


I leaned my head on her chest trying to hear a heart-beat, but I heard nothing. The ambulance came into the apartment and took my mother away, I gave one last kiss before she left and I was in tears. My brother came back into the room and gave me a hug and cried away on my shoulder. I could not believe this, I just wished it was all a dream but I guess it wasn't my whole life went by right infront of my eyes.


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