Aurra Nicole Osternman was just a normal 17 year old.Her family was nothing special. It was horrible. Her mother, Marrissa, died when she was five and her dad Matt is a horrible alcholic. She lives with her brother's family. It's pretty much a living hell. her brother is in the military and he has his kids 11 year old Corey and 13 year old Madi. They constantly bother her and tease her. Her best friend Alannah is moving to England and is asking her to go with her. When she finally agrees she doesnt know that in England she will meet the one person who brings her up, but also knocks her down.


8. Turn Your Face

                                                                                              *Aurra's POV*

   Harry and the others went out at around 9 I was just at home reading my "Catching Fire" book. It's riveting. When it hit 10 I decided to get dressed in my Superhero comic skirt, my blue sleeveless studded collar shirt. My black tight shorts for under my skirt, then my blue and black Adidas. I went in curled my hair then put on a bit of eyeliner then left. I thought I would head to Starbucks then the mall. I got to Starbucks just to see Eleanor! I went over and said,"Hi!" She had heard a lot about me from Louis. We enjoyed an ice coffee then headed to the mall straight to TOPSHOP. Turns out we both have the same favorite store! When we got in, we looked around and I found this really cute speech bubble sweater! Eleanor picked out a beautiful black and white knit dress. I put my sweater on once we got out of the store. We then went to Urban Outfitters and even bought matching shirts that have the British flag on them! Although Eleanor was 4 years older than me, it felt like we were twins. We decided to stop at McDonald's in the food court out of the blue she asked me a question. "So are you and Harry a thing?" I thought for a moment then said, "I think so... well I don't know... maybe... it's possible.. I'll ask him later." "I sure hope you two are!" She gave me a veyr happy looked and I looked a little puzzled. "Why?" I replied. "Because you and Harry and me and Lou can go on double dates. Lou's been talking about it with me and I think it's a lovely idea!" she said quite cheerfully. I smiled at the thought. "I hope so too. A double date would seem great!" I said smiling. We got up and walked over to a Bubbleology near by. It was very yummy! As we headed over to Forever 21 El and I stopped to see Harry kissing Aubrey, his no good ex. At that moment he turned his face on me. He was over Aubrey my butt! El saw the tears build up and she took me back to her flat. Once we arrived I ran into the bathroom and cried. I heard a small knock on the door. "Aurra, babe,a re you okay?" said Eleanor sounding worried. I opened the door and let her in. she sat down right next to me and talked me. "I thought he was over her... I thought he loved me.. I guess that kiss this morning meant nothing." "Babe, Look, Maybe it's like in the movies where she kissed him, I mean, she is the one who cheated, so she would be the one to try to get him back." I half smiled at Eleanor. She was so sweet. Besides All, she's my best friend. "He just turned his face on me." I said crying. "Aurra come here." she pulled me into a hug as I just cried when there was a knock at the door. "Well who could that be?" she mumbled. "I'll be right back Aurra." she said and smiled. I smiled back as she closed the bathroom door and I heard Louis voice. Eleanor was explaining what happened and suddenly Louis voice rose. "HE DID WHAT!? HE JUST KISSED AURRA THIS MORNING!!! I CAN TBELIEVE HIM!!" Suddenly Louis opened the door and carried me into Eleanor's room. I sat on the edge of the bed and I told him everything and ended up bawling. Him and Eleanor both hugged me and supported me while I was hurt. I could say they are two of the greatest people in the world. All of a sudden a knock came from the door. I started crying harder already knowing who it was Louis got up to answer it but locked Eleanor's bedroom door. I just sat there crying on Eleanor's shoulder as she hugged me then we heard the door open. I was right. It was Harry. "Hey, Mate, is Aurra here?" Harry asked I cried harder. "No and get the fuck out." Louis snapped back. I cried harder. "Wait, what?! What did I do?!"Harry shouted. After that the door slammed shut. Eleanor and I peeked out the window to see Harry jump in his car. But when he got in he screamed. He drove away. A few seconds later Louis came back in the room with tears in his eyes. "Louis, i'm-" he stopped me and said, "Love, i'm not mad at you. I'm just disappointed that he would be such an ass!" I ran over to him and hugged him. "He turned his face on you. And no one deserves that." He said. "Hey Aurra tonight you can stay here with Eleanor and I you text  i'll text  Niall and tell him to bring us some clothes. We're not going back there tonight." I smiled and said, "Thank you Louis, Thank you Eleanor, thank you for everything." "Its the least we could do!" she said with a half smile. She led me to my room right across from her's and Louis' was next to her's so if anything happened we were close. I just can't believe Harry turned his face on me. After everything, he turned his face.

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