Aurra Nicole Osternman was just a normal 17 year old.Her family was nothing special. It was horrible. Her mother, Marrissa, died when she was five and her dad Matt is a horrible alcholic. She lives with her brother's family. It's pretty much a living hell. her brother is in the military and he has his kids 11 year old Corey and 13 year old Madi. They constantly bother her and tease her. Her best friend Alannah is moving to England and is asking her to go with her. When she finally agrees she doesnt know that in England she will meet the one person who brings her up, but also knocks her down.


7. Morning Fun

                                                                       *Aurra's POV* 

    I woke up kinda early and decided to make breakfast. Harry and the boys had to stay here for a week due to their flat being fumigated. I searched around and found all the ingredients I needed to make my mom's delicious home made chocolate pancakes or, as she liked to call them, "Mama Osterman's Oober Goober Chocolatly Delight" She had given me the recipe and put it in my box. I've made them all the time at my brother's house. Once I made them with each secret ingredient in walked Allannah. She gave me the biggest smile. "Are the boys up?" I asked putting the orange juice on the table. "Nope." I had 5 minutes until the pancakes were done in the oven so I thought I would put a little laugh in the morning. I told All to follow me up stairs. I grabbed my phone and got an app with different sirens and stuff. each room is sound proof so there'd be a funny way to wake up each boy up. First was Louis we went into his room and shut the door quietly then Alannah took out a marker and put a piratey mustache on his face so we blasted pirate music and he woke up and said," A simple 'wake up' would've been fine!" "But a simple wake up isn't fun!" We laughed. He moaned and got up to get ready. Next was Niall. We went into his room and drew a leprechaun like mustache on his face and played the music to the Irish jig. He mumbled and got up. Next was Zayn we went into his room and gave him a french mustache and played French music. He just sat up and said "Okay" we were confused until we left and he thwacked us both in the head. Next was Liam. He was too sweet so we just threw spoons at him. When one hit his nose he woke up and said,"Very funny" He got out of bed and went down stairs with the rest of the boys.Last, but certainly not least was Harry. We walked into his room and gave him a hilarious handle bar stach. I then blasted "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO. He just simply got up then threw a pillow at my head. We met them downstairs and we all had pancakes. "This is the best!!" they all said in unison. then I asked them to take a picture together then individually. All and I laughed at the pictures then showed the boys. They looked up at us with a smirk on their faces. Then Liam spat out," GET 'EM!" We ran for dear life as they chased us around the house. I was running through the large hallway and I found Harry's room and sneaked under the bed. He came in for a moment, but then left. I slid out from under the bed and looked around. I slowly crept out the door and tiptoed, un til Harry sneaked up behind me and grabbed me over his shoulder and took me downstairs. "I GOT AURRA!!!!" He yelled he threw me on the couch and started tickling me until I finally gave in. "Nice goin' 007" I said. "The name's Styles................. Harry Styles" He said smirking. Damn I want to kiss him so bad right now. "Okay 007, now go do the dishes." I said laughing. He got up and finished rather quickly. All of a sudden he pinned me on the couch and started tickling me again. "Harry! Stop Pleaseee!!!!" I scream-laughed at him. He stopped and he looked into my eyes. Damn, I loved his emerald eyes! At that second we both smiled at each other. Then we both leaned in and kissed. It was the best kiss you could dream of. It was passionate and lovely. This kiss was given by the boy I love.

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