Aurra Nicole Osternman was just a normal 17 year old.Her family was nothing special. It was horrible. Her mother, Marrissa, died when she was five and her dad Matt is a horrible alcholic. She lives with her brother's family. It's pretty much a living hell. her brother is in the military and he has his kids 11 year old Corey and 13 year old Madi. They constantly bother her and tease her. Her best friend Alannah is moving to England and is asking her to go with her. When she finally agrees she doesnt know that in England she will meet the one person who brings her up, but also knocks her down.


3. Feelings

                                                                                        *Harry's POV*

        The boys and I decided to come down to Kansas for the week. We were playing some shows at the "beach". it wasn't really a beach. It was a huge lake that looked like a beach. We thought before the show would start we would take a walk around it. It was small and cozy. Not many people were here which made me smile because for once in my life I could go somewhere and not be mobbed by fans. I mean, I love them with all my heart but, you know, you need your own time sometimes. I have been very quiet for the past year. I never really talk to anyone besides the fans. I can't be happy ever again because... because of Aubrey. 


    I was on my way home from the drug store. I was picking up some medicine for Aubrey. The poor girl was sick with a high fever. I went back to our flat to open the door and see the love of my life, my baby, my girl, making out with some guy. I quietly crept up to our room shut the door and smashed everything the last thing I did was take the picture from our 1 year anniversery party. I smashed my fist into it then pushed myself against the wall and just cried. All of a sudden I heard footsteps but I didn't care I just stood there then the door flew open to an angry Aubrey. Though, she couldn't have been as angry as mee. "HARRY WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED UP HERE?!!" She screamed. "WELL WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED DOWNSTAIRS, EH?" I lashed back. She just stood there silent and out of nowhere I just said,"Well, now, I'm gone.. I hope your happy.. now I'M lying on the cold hard ground." I stood up and left sure to put down the promise ring we gave each other. She kept calling and texting but I didn't want to talk to anyone. From that day forward, I promised to never love any girl again.

                                                                                 ~~**END OF FLASHBACK**~~

                                                                                             *Aurra's POV*

    As we walked into the beach I noticed something familiar. I saw a tall boy wearing a 'Rolling Stones' t-shirt and black skinny jeans. He had some-what curly hair and bright emerald eyes. Right at that instant, I realized who that was. That, my friends, was Harry Styles. He was sitting in the sand staring at the water. I walked up to him and said, "Hi.. I'm Aurra. Sorry to interrupt your thoughts, but is it alright if I sit?" I asked. Nice going Aurra you freaked him out. I'm a real ass sometimes. He just nodded. I sat down next to him and remembered something, his ex, Aubrey.. He still thinks about her. He loved her more than words but onne day she cheated on him. What a slut. I could treat him a lot better than that skank. Wait! Aurra don't get attached!! You're moving next week don't you remember?! I decided to make some small talk. Maybe that will help this very awkward silence. "Penny for your thoughts." He looked over to me and laughed. "Erm... My black skinny jeans are covered with sand and now my bum is sand-colored." I handed him a penny out of my bag and smiled. "Penny for YOUR thoughts." He said."That I could really go for some Nandos right now.." He just laughed and handed me a penny.I started to think that maybe I like this boy. He was very mysterious though. He smiled one time- that's it. He was hiding more than his ex... I'll never know. 

                                                         *Harry's POV*

       I was just sitting there with her and it felt like old times with Aub- HAZ GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!! It was time for the show when Louis walked up to us cutting me from my thoughts. "Hey, mate, we go on in a few. Oh hello!" he said and looked at the girl. I think her name was... hmm... "I'm Aurra! Good to meet you!" she said. Oh yeah, her name was Aurra. Mental Note: The girl's name is Aurra. Okay we're all good. "C'mon Haz." Lou said. I just nodded and got up. "Hey Harry?" she said."Yes" I replied a little ruder than I wished. "Thank you for the chat.." she sad sounding kind of hurt. I just nodded and left wishing I would've apologized. "Hey mate" said Niall. I just nodded and we went on stage and I found her in the crowd with her friend and they were dancing. Aurra, I could tell on the inside was hurt. I could tell that she had a rough past too. I'm getting feelings for her!? I CAN'T!! It's probably for a day or so, but tonight, i'm going to talk to Louis, maybe he can help me think straight.

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