Aurra Nicole Osternman was just a normal 17 year old.Her family was nothing special. It was horrible. Her mother, Marrissa, died when she was five and her dad Matt is a horrible alcholic. She lives with her brother's family. It's pretty much a living hell. her brother is in the military and he has his kids 11 year old Corey and 13 year old Madi. They constantly bother her and tease her. Her best friend Alannah is moving to England and is asking her to go with her. When she finally agrees she doesnt know that in England she will meet the one person who brings her up, but also knocks her down.


9. Case Closed

                                                                                 *Aurra's POV*

    I woke up in my room at about 7 in the morning. I walked down stairs to find Eleanor in the kitchen in her Coke pj's listening to music. Then walked Louis wearing his Coke pajama pants too. And We had the same ones! I looked at him and said,"Stealin' my style,eh?" He just laughed and shook his head. Louis and I were watching the telly when Eleanor tried her hand at country. "Your grub is ready!" she said in a "country" accent."Oh Eleanor, I'm from Kansas and that was nowhere NEAR country!" I snickered. we ate our breakfast then I got changed into my black skinny jeans and speech bubble sweater. I went in the bathroom and put my hair in a messy bun letting my one blonde highlight in my black hair stand out.  Once I finished I ran downstairs just to see Eleanor looking out the window. She told me to come look just to find Harry and Louis outside talking. They started getting in each other's faces. I thought it was enough. "ENOUGH! Harry come with me!" He stares at me then follows Louis mouths the words"Good Luck" to me as I mouth back "Thank you" He smiled and went back into the house. "Why the fuck are you here? And why was I kicked out last night?!" he said sounding angry but at the same time worried."You should tell me what you were doing at the mall yesterday, eh, Styles?" I said with a sarcastic smile on my face. He just looked at the ground and my smile faded. "I guess our kiss meant nothing. I thought we were forever, but I guess we're never." I said holding back the tears. "Aubrey kissed me. I tried pulling away bet she was too strong."  "Yeah you sure looked like you were pushing away! From my eyes your looked you were enjoying a whole lot of it!" I was now crying. "I didn't do anything at first because she came up out of nowhere and kissed me." "Harry i'm not buying your shit." I said under my breath, but loud enough for him to hear. "I'm sorry Aurra can you forgive me?" He was serious. But I had one question remaining. "Forever or never?" At that moment I realized I was quoting "Forever Young" lyrics. He lifted up my chin and said,"Forever." At that moment I hugged him. He picked me up and spun me around and kissed me. Forever. We are forever. At that moment Louis walked out and he and Harry hugged. They passed along their "i'm sorry's" and we all moved on back into Ell's house. Harry had breakfast while I played on my phone. All of a sudden I got a text. 

                       *From Haz*

       Hey, love, meet me at your house at 5:00 Ell will keep you company until then. xx H xx

                        *To Haz*

      Okay. See you then! xoxoxo A<3

So what to do for 5 hours? "Hey Eleanor?" I said. I had an idea! "Yeah, babe?!" she yelled from the kitchen. "You wanna the boys, like, the rest of them. Zayn, Niall, Liam?" I said sort of uneasy."Yeah! Sure! Just let me get dressed!" She bolted upstairs and get dressed. Within 2 minutes she came back wearing a black dress and her British flag boots. I smiled and we headed out. Once we got there Liam was reading, Zayn was playing a video game, and Niall was in the kitchen with Alannah eating sandwiches. "All!!!" I screamed. She embraced me into a hug and told me that now her and Niall are a thing. Wow, that was fast. I decided to take one of the sandwiches just to be stabbed with a fork by Niall. In the end I won by throwing pepper in his face and him snorting it up his nose! Now that was fun! I guess all this Aubrey and Harry still in love thing is closed! I've only got two words for this situation! Case Closed!




         Thanx for reading so far guys! I'm not done! There will be a lot more to come! Remember I right at least 3 or 4 chapters a day!! Again thanx for reading! Have a nice day. I think I better leave right now! xoxoxo

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