Aurra Nicole Osternman was just a normal 17 year old.Her family was nothing special. It was horrible. Her mother, Marrissa, died when she was five and her dad Matt is a horrible alcholic. She lives with her brother's family. It's pretty much a living hell. her brother is in the military and he has his kids 11 year old Corey and 13 year old Madi. They constantly bother her and tease her. Her best friend Alannah is moving to England and is asking her to go with her. When she finally agrees she doesnt know that in England she will meet the one person who brings her up, but also knocks her down.


10. Blue Dress & Black Bowtie

                                                                          *Aurra's POV*

      I'm at the mall with Eleanor to pick out an outfit for tonight. I decided to go into a formal dress store. I picked out this beautiful dress. It was silk blue. I tried it on and bought it as Ell and I headed to Nandos (Quick note: There is more than Nandos in England!!! I just couldn't think of anything else! Carry on!(: xoxo) After we ate we went to get accessories. I bought a Mulberry bag and a floral head band. I looked at the time. 3:45. Shit. "Ell, we better get back to your house and get ready." she nodded and we left. Once we got back to her house I took a quick shower, got in my dress, and Eleanor did my make up, I did mt hair and put in my headband. I grabbed my bag and headed out it was 4:50. I arrived back at my house at 4:55. good timing. I opened the door to see Harry standing there holding 12 red roses. I ran into his arms and hugged him. He eyed me up and down and bit his lip. "Damn, Aurra, you look good." I just laughed and we sat down. I smelt something that smelt like spaghetti. My favorite. "I'm smelling my favorite food." I said with a smile. "Well, of course." he said and walked off. About five minutes later, he came back with a large plate of spaghetti and two forks. We both just told each other about each other. After we finished our main meal, he brought out two plates of chocolate cake. I devoured mine down and he just laughed. Afterwards, he started playing some music and we danced. "You're really good at dates, you know that?" I smiled. "I know." he smirked. It was about 7:30. We better get going. "Harry, it's getting late and i'm tired. Where can we stay?" I asked. "He thought for a second then lifted me over his shoulder. "HARRY! PUT ME DOWN!" I giggled. We walked up to this house only about a block from my house. When we got in I new it was his by the sign on his door. "Will give house for cats?" I asked. "That's old. My mum got me that. It was for my 6th birthday." he said sighing. "Then how come you still have it? It's 13 years old." He just smiled and said,"My dad personally gave it to me." I just smiled and we went inside. I went upstairs and changed into a pair of his boxer shorts and his "Hipsta Please" t-shirt. I put my hair into a messy bun and ran downstairs. He just smiled at me and went upstairs himself. After about five minutes, he called me upstairs. I got upstairs and saw him standing there. He was wearing a pair of his boxer shorts and his Ramones shirt. I climbed into bed with him. I fell asleep listening to his beautiful heartbeat.

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