Mr. Not So Nice Guy

Sawyer Jackson is your typical teen: she's a cheerleader, great student, and has a good group of friends. Then Sawyer meets Dylan Masterson. He's a junior who's on the football team and the most popular guy in school. When he asks her out Sawyer is thrilled until his true colors starts to show through. Turns out Mr. Nice Guy isn't so nice,


2. The First Time

I didn't leave with him when he asked me to the first time. I stayed at the party with him while watching Alexia because like I said, I was the driver for the night. Once she was safely home, Dylan took me to a Waffle house where we ate pancakes and talked about everything under the sun. That's the first thing I noticed about him. I could basically tell him anything.


As time went on, the closer I became to Dylan. After the third game of the season, he asked me out. I said yes of course and we have been together now for a month. I think that I'm really starting to fall for him.


"Earth to Sawyer!" Charlie, my brother Elliot's friend, yelled. I looked up from the floor into his light brown eyes. Charlie was nineteen like my brother. He had longish curly hair that was like a mop on the top of his head and the color of sand. He had a crooked, twitchy smile that always made me smile when I saw it cross his face. He had super tan skin with light freckles across his face and body. He was very lean and very tall. He was also a surfer like my brother but he was a lot better than Elliot as much as I hated to admit it.


"Sorry Charlie. I'm just thinking about some stuff." I said shyly.


Elliot laughed, "More like someone. Sawyer has a boyfriend." Elliot placed a couple plates on the table in front of the family and Charlie. Ryder set the food on the table for our famous Tuesday Taco Night where we would sit down and actually eat together.


I reached over and set a taco onto my plate and tried to hide my smile. I could hear Ryder snort and my dad give a grumpy laugh.


"Woah Sawyer! What happened to us? I thought your heart only belonged to me!" Charlie wined.


"Charlie. I was ten when I said that. I'm sixteen. My little crush on you has gone away now. Sorry darling." I said back with a sloppy smile on my face.


"Well damn the world!" Charlie yelled and hit the table top. Ryder let out a laugh and I think I could even hear a little snicker from Taylor. Charlie stuffed a taco in his mouth then added, "Who is the little ass who stole the heart of Sawyer? I'll give him a famous Charlie knuckle sandwich!" He held up his fist and through a punch into the air.


"His name is Dylan Masterson. He is the Quarterback on the football team. Yes, Charlie, I see your brain turning. He is Jackson Masterson's younger brother." Elliot said.


Charlie's face cringed, "Yeah no. Come on kid. A Masterson? Really? Now you are better off with a Lake."


"Charlie. Shut up and leave my only daughter alone." My dad laughed. He winked at me then ate his tacos. The rest of the night was full of Charlie's complaints, my dads job, and surfing.


By ten, I crawled into bed and pulled out my iPhone. It was the first iPhone ever made and I liked that it was old even though my dad had offered to buy me the iPhone 5. I didn't mind old. I liked old. I looked at my phone. Dylan had sent me a text.


Dylan: Hey! We NEED to talk. Meet me outside in ten min.


Me: Okay. See ya soon.


I sat in my bed for a couple seconds wondering what he wanted. I shrugged then got up. I could hear Charlie and Elliot fighting in the next room but I couldn't make out what it was about. Charlie spent a lot of time here because he didn't like being at his house. His parents didn't like the fact he wanted to be a surfer. They wanted him to be in the family business but he got an offer to compete in a major surfing event in Hawaii. He was leaving in a couple months I believe.


I pulled a pair of sweat pants on then a hoodie. I pulled my lightly curled hair that hit my shoulders and was almost a white blonde color with under it a dark brown color. It looked really cool but I was temped to color it all one color because Dana has been getting on my ass about it.


I hopped over my window then down a gutter. I hit the ground and took off to Dylan's black SVU. I got in and looked at him. His face was dark. He hit the petal without a word then drove down the street. I didn't have a clue where we were going.


"What were you doing today?" He finally asked. He pulled off into an abandoned parking lot kids came to when they got high. Cops didn't come around these parts. Mostly because they didn't really know about it.


"Nothing really. I hung out with Charlie and Elliot for a bit." I said.


I didn't see his hand coming until I felt the sting on my face. I hung my body over in the SVU and let out a small cry. Did he just slap me? What just happened?


He grabbed my hair and pulled it so my face was inches from his as he said, "Listen to me and listen good. You are my girlfriend now! You are mine! Look what you made me do! Don't test me again Sawyer!" He let go then pressed his lips onto mine.


Before we left the parking lot he added, "I better now see you with another guy..."

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