Mr. Not So Nice Guy

Sawyer Jackson is your typical teen: she's a cheerleader, great student, and has a good group of friends. Then Sawyer meets Dylan Masterson. He's a junior who's on the football team and the most popular guy in school. When he asks her out Sawyer is thrilled until his true colors starts to show through. Turns out Mr. Nice Guy isn't so nice,


1. How We Met

My name is Sawyer and I go to school in a small town near the beach in Florida. I spend a lot of time on the beach due to the fact my oldest brother, who is nineteen, is a surfer. His name is Elliot. He also goes to collage but since the university is so close to our house, he still lives with us which is okay to me. Then there is my other brother who is eighteen and is a senior at my school. His name is Taylor. He's very quiet and keeps to himself most of the time. Lastly, there is my brother Ryder who is a junior at my school along with me. We are twins but we look nothing or act nothing alike yet we are still very close.


Ryder plays football and I'm a cheerleader. That's how I met his friend Dylan. Dylan is the type of guy who could have any girl he wanted. You know the type as well as I do. The guy with the dark blond hair that is shorter on the sides but longer on the top. Some days he spikes up the hair or combs it over to the side which was hot either way. He had dark blue eyes that could just make your heart beat in your throat when you looked into them. The cute little freckles along his nose and cheeks that were so faint you had to be super close to his face to see them but when you did, it was like magic. His smooth, tan skin that just lite up your whole world. Then you saw his lips. Perfectly pink and shaped to perfection. His jaw line was rugged like he just came out of a sculpture that was made by a god. He was long and tall with the perfect amount of muscles in the rights spots. He wore tight tee-shirts that were dark and good fitting pants to show off his nice ass. It was like one of those moments when you sit there and think to your self, "Wow. So guys like these aren't all famous."


We were at a party when we met. It was the first game of the reason and we had one so there was a party at Parker's house. His parents didn't care what he did and even provided the drinks if you know what I mean.


I walked into the party with Alexia at my side. She wore a rather short dress with her long strawberry blonde hair curled while I wore my best fitting jeans and a rather slutty top she let me borrow. I was rather fashionly challenged due to the fact I grew up with a single dad and three older(besides Ryder) brothers. If it weren't for Alexia, I don't know where I would be. 


The house was pretty much already full when we got there and it wasn't long before Alexia had a beer in her hand and was dancing on the nearest table. I was the driver tonight, like every party night, so I grabbed a water from the garage like I usually did.   


When I walked in, there he was. Dylan. He was sitting on the case of water with a red cup in his hands. He smiled at me, showing off his amazing dimples, when I came in.


"Hey there Sawyer. Long time no see." He said causally.


I nodded my head, "Yeah. Ever since Ryder got his car."


He nodded too then took a drink from the cup. He held it out towards me but I shook my head no.


"So on a scale of 1-10, how awkward is this?" He asked getting off the case so I could get the water.


"I would have to go with a solid 9.5!" I laughed.


He laughed too. He took another drink of whatever was in the cup and I took a drink of my water. I gave him a little nod then started to walk away. 


"Wait." He said. I turned around and looked at him.




"You wanna get out of here?" He asked taking one last gulp. 


And that my dear readers, is how my life changed completely. 

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