Your forever is all that I need.

I have have a horrible past.
I have no hope in the future.


3. You had me at Hello.

   He took his seat.

I started copying the notes Mrs. Spain was writing on the board, trying not to stare at the new kid. He had long, shaggy black hair and was dressed in skinny jeans, a dark t-shirt, and  had on a pair of TOMS.I felt someone poke my arm, I turned to see it was him. He smiled and quickly handed me a note. I slowly opened it and read what it said: " Hey! My name is Kellin..This class blows, right? Hahaha. Whats your next classes?" I grabbed my pen  and wrote, " Hey, My names Camille.I have English next, then I go to lunch, then I have Gym, then History." folded it and handed it back to him. I saw him open it and grin, he wrote back and slipped it under my binder. I unfolded it and read, "Cool! We have everything but gym together. Care if i walk with you? Considering I don't know anyone yet. (:"  I smiled and nodded, not writing back because i was afraid of getting caught. The bell rang for us to go to  to secong block. Kellin swung his backpack across his shoulder and waited for me to grab my stuff. We slowly left the class and walked down the hallway, talking about where his classes were. We made it to the English  Wing and found Mrs. Heards class. We walked in and i walked toward a desk closer to the window, he followed. We sat and talked about our favorite books and poets until class started. When the bell rang for us to go to third block I walked to the lunch room and got a salad, (even though i wasn't going to eat.) then found a table close to the doors. I put my head phones in and turned my ipod up as loud as possible. A few seconds later Kellin found me and sat down right next to me, He smiled and asked how my salad was. I never noticed before, but he had the CUTEST smile, ever. We sat and talked about our favorite bands, places, songs & a whole lot more. We sat together in our next block. Then I had to go to gym, where I had no one to talked to. That period seemed to drag by so slow. When the bell rang I walked to my History class. When I walked in I saw Kellin look up and smile at me, then motioned for me to come sit with him. After that class, Kellin asked me if I wanted to get something to eat later.

Omg Did he just ask me out? I haven't been out with a guy since last year!

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