Your forever is all that I need.

I have have a horrible past.
I have no hope in the future.


4. Something new.

I rushed home to get ready for my 'date'. I was so excited, I haven't been on a date in over a year.I put on one of my favorite dresses and curled my hair. I walked to the small little Diner where we had agreed to meet.I saw him through the window, when I walked in he greeted me with a smile. I smiled back and slid into the booth in front of him. "Hello Beautiful." he said with a smile. "Hi." I said quietly.  The waitor came and took  our orders, I ordered a glass of water and a veggie burger, Kellin ordered cheese fries and a strawberry milkshake. Once we got our food, I started eating my burger in small bites (in case I throw it back up, because I normally make myself sick.) But Kellin on the other hand was barley chewing. Kellin frowned. "Hey.. whats that on your wrist? Are those cuts?"

shit. I knew i should've worn long sleeves. Now he knows and hes gonna think I'm a freak like the rest of the school.

I looked down trying to think of a lie. " No,My cat scrached me." i responded.

Just then my phone started chimming, I pulled it out of my pocket and looked at the screen "NEW MESSAGE" i clicked the open botton. "Peyton; Where are you?? Practice ended 20 mins ago."


Kellin; What is it?

Me; I forgot to pick up my brother up. And I left the car at home.

Kellin; I can drive you to pick him up!

So we paid for our food and left, And we went and got Peyton and left. Once we got home Peyton got out and went in the house.


Me;thanks for the ride home.

Kellin; Anytime, Thanks for spending the afternoon with me. Tomorrows a half of day right?

Me; Yeah.

Kellin; Do you mind if I pick you up in the morning? I want to spend the afternoon with you tommorrow.

Me; Okay. Goodnight!

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