Your forever is all that I need.

I have have a horrible past.
I have no hope in the future.


2. New Beginings.

As my car pulled in the Palm Springs student parking lot I could already see people running up to their friends to  talk about their summer vacation. I pulled into the parking spot at the far end of the parking lot. I had five minutes until the bell rang. I turned the car off and grabbed my binder and purse. I had to make my way to Mrs. Spains Honors Algebra class, which was on the complete other side of the school. As I got out I could feel peoples eyes on me, and hear their whispers. I walked into the building and past the English and History hallways until I finally reach the math wing. I walked into to class, surprised to see I was one of the first people in the class. I took a seat toward the back of the class. I opened my phone to see if I had any new texts, of course I didn't. I looked up to see everyone rushing into the classroom. The bell rang soon after everyone had found a seat with their friends. I was alone at my desk, not a surprise. Mrs. Spain took role and said that we only had one student absent. She then began rambling  on about how her rules and expectations. In the middle of one of her statements, A boy walked into the classroom. He apologized for being late, and Mrs. Spain told him to sit next to me.

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