Normal Life?

Just a normal life...JUST KIDDING!

Tomi was her name. It was like a perfect story. She thought one direction was a boy band but... wait, WHAT! Something happened between them and her friends and its something that neither of them will ever forget. The pain and regret is are the things the one direction will never forget.


1. normal

I hate my life. It's too normal. Like I go to high school and I like one direction. Also I have crazy friends that fangirl over everything that one direction does. I guess its a pretty normal life for a directioner. Well, i don't know....its normal because me and me friends like want to move in a flat  together after high school and go to a preforming arts college, so we try our hardest to get like a scholarship and all that.

      So theres Jess, me, and Cosette we have been best friends since 2010... yes i know the year one direction started. We all became friends at a one direction concert it was awesome because we all got backstage passes and yeah... we all met. Jess's favorite in one direction is Liam and Cosette's is Zayn and mine is Harry.

I was in my first lesson and Jess whisper screams out of nowhere.

'hey shut up the teacher might hear you!' I whispered yelled at her.

'I won'

'you did?'

'yeah' Jess shouted and the whole class just stared at us.

'you girls have some thing to say' the teacher said as she walked over to us.

'no we ha-'Jess cut me off.

'yes we do have something to say but not to you so yeah' Jess blurted out. There she goes again. Jess always blurts out things all the time and well me and Cosette do the same, but Jess is the worst.

'well did you want to tell the office?' the teacher exclaimed.

'they don't need to know either' Jess said in the teacher's face.

' well i think they need to know' the teacher said backed. Ha the teacher back down, but we got sent to the office.

'again you two talking back to the teacher you are glad we don't suspend you tw-' the principal said but Jess cut him off.

'then why don't you suspend us, huh?' Jess said as crossed my arms to show that I was mad at the teacher.

'well-' the principal started but the phone cut him off. he picked it up and started to talk, but his voice sounded worried.

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