Normal Life?

Just a normal life...JUST KIDDING!

Tomi was her name. It was like a perfect story. She thought one direction was a boy band but... wait, WHAT! Something happened between them and her friends and its something that neither of them will ever forget. The pain and regret is are the things the one direction will never forget.


2. And I thought normal

'is everything ok sir' i asked after the principal put the phone down.

'well not everything, but that phone call doesn't concern you now get back to class' the principal almost shouted at the end of his sentence.

'hey you aren't going to talk to us about what we did or-' Jess was cut off by the principal.

'get to class' he was shouting now.

     We started walking back to class when we saw Cosette walking towards us with my backpack and hers. Jess also already had her backpack with her.

'hey Tomi your going home?!?!' Cosette said in a questioning voice.

' I am?' I asked as Iooked at Jess.

'Man, whats with the strange things today?' Jess shouted in the hall way.

'yeah i agree'I said back as we all walked in the office.

Cosette walked to the front lady and gave her a piece of paper. The lady pointed at a man that had his back to us, but then he turned around. He looked older and he looked familiar... wait thats... thats Paul... Paul Higgins!!! (Paul Higgins is the tour manager and so called ' babysitter' for one direction.)

I looked at Jess and Cosette, they were just staring. So I finally got brave enough to walk over to Paul and the girls just stared at me and Paul.

'Hey your name is Tomi Shatola, right?' Paul asked me.

' yes... yes I am... Have you come here to pick me up?' i questioned. Man, i was confused... Paul Higgins might as well want me to go with him so i might ass well meet one direction so what the heck!!!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? As I was thinking Paul cut my thinking off.

'yes I have and are those your friends over there?' he asked as I looked back at them and they were still staring.

' oh yeah what about them?'

'well are they coming with you?'

' are they coming with me where?'

'you weren't informed that you were going to tour with one direction because lo-' he cut himself off.' well just follow me and bring them'

'ok' i said as i walked over to them and told them what Paul said to me. they freaked out alittle then calmed down. So we started to follow Paul out of the school when Cosette asked.

'hey are our parents informed that we are coming with you?' Cosette questioned.

'They were when Tomi was talking to you' he answered back as we walked up to a 2013 GMC Yukon Denali and it was black. Then out of the blue LOUIS FRIKENING TOMLISON GETS OUT OF THE FRONT SEAT OF THE CAR.

' hey sorry to startle you, love but can we talk in private?' Louis asked me as I nod my head. I tried to say words but they wouldn't come out. We got in the car as the other girls stayed out side as they were somewhat entertained by Paul.'look this is alot to take in but you are my sister.' Louis said calmly.

'uh...u....h.....u..hh I.... you... me.......siblings!?!?!' I whispered as I could barely get out words. 







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