A Summer Goodbye

I thought that we had a real love but at the end of summer everything changed


2. Hanging out with Nick& his brothers

*the next morning*

I got a text from Nick asking me to meet him and his brothers outside the cafe and so i got ready, and went to go meet them. When i got to the Cafe, Nick came up to me and said "hey i'm glad you could make it come meet my brothers" "okay" then we went up to his brothers and he introduced me to them and then we went to the movies and i sat next to Nick and his brothers sat on the other side of him, and unfortunately this was a scary movie and i don't really like scary movies.

So far though the movie was going great and then a scary part came on the one where a guy jumps out of nowhere and then i hid my face on Nick's shoulder but he didn't seem to care he just kissed my forehead and then he held my hand throughout the whole movie.

After the movie Nick's brothers hugged me goodbye and then they left and after they left Nick brought me to the park where he had a picnic set up with roses all over the blanket but i knew that in a few weeks he was gonna leave and most likely forget all about me and for that reason i started to cry. I tried to quickly wipe away my tears before Nick saw but it was to late, and then he wiped away my tears and said

"what's wrong" "it's nothing it's stupid you'll most likely laugh anyway" "i won't laugh tell me please"

"okay i'm scared" what are you scared of?" "i'm scared that once you leave to go back on tour your gonna forget all about this town but i'm more scared of you forgetting about me and thats why we can't go on anymore dates" 

I said as i got up and started to walk away but then he pulled me back, and closer to him and then with just our luck it started to rain, but neither of us seemed to care, and then he kissed me, and then when he walked me home he gave me a goodnight kiss and then he left.

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