The Farmer's Daughter

I grew up on my daddy's farm with my daddy, my mama, and my brother. My brother Michael, went off to college this fall. Daddy needed more than just my help. He needed a man's help. So, my daddy put up and ad in our local store for help. That's when I met him, Aiden. The boy that my daddy hired to work on our farm.


2. Characters and Horses

Name: Annabeth

Master: Riley O'Brien

Age: Seven

Hands: 15.5

Temperament: Loyal, Gentle     




Name: Starfire

Master: O'Brien's

Rode By: Aiden Goodman

Age: Twenty

Hands: 16.5

Temperament: Gentle, Timid, Loyal




Name: Richard O'Brien

Relation: Father of Riley O'Brien

Age: 54

Temperament: Hard around the edges









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