It Goes Like This

It was a Friday night in the summer time. Me (Gabe), my brother Dustin, and our two best friends were all at my house. We were up-loading a new video to youtube. It was of us singing. Weird huh? We want to be singers. We want to be the new boy-band. I tagged Cimorelli in it and asked them to watch the video. Read the story to find out more :).


1. This Summer


*Gabe's POV*


   On a Friday night in the summer, my friends Matt, Dustin, Jake, and i were all at my house. We were up-loading a video of us singing on YouTube. Also, we were watching Cimorelli videos. They are six sisters who who i think are the best singers ever.

   Me: "I hope Cimorelli watches our video. It would be amazing if they came to my house. But that's just a dream."

   Dustin: " I know bro. We all feel ya."

   Dustin is the one who tries  to fit in with a bunch of 8th graders. I mean hes only a year behind. Dustin just tries too hard. But we still count his as one of us.

   *Matt's phone goes off*

   Matt: "Oh umm.. Jake we got to go. Mom wanted us home at 12:00. Its 1:00."

   Jake: "Ok. See you later guys."

   Me/Dustin:"Bye Jake and Matt."

   They left. I put the finishing tuches on the video and post it on YouTube. Then Dustin goes to his room and we both fall asleep.



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