It Goes Like This

It was a Friday night in the summer time. Me (Gabe), my brother Dustin, and our two best friends were all at my house. We were up-loading a new video to youtube. It was of us singing. Weird huh? We want to be singers. We want to be the new boy-band. I tagged Cimorelli in it and asked them to watch the video. Read the story to find out more :).


6. *Read please*




   So.. i was wondering if i should continue with this story. It doesn't have much reads and only has one favorite. So i want to know from all of you. Should i continue?


   Leave a comment if you want me to keep writing this story. Also read my other story called 'Just a Fan'.


   One more thing. I am also going to start writing on Wattpad as well. If you go on wattpad, be on the look out for a story called 'Our Love (Lauren Cimorelli Story)'. My name on Wattpad is Cimfam2point0. I haven't published the story yet but it's coming out soon. I will also write it on here if you want me to.


   So leave a comment telling me if i should continue writing this story. Also leave a comment if you want me to write 'Our Love (Lauren Cimorelli Story)' on here.








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