It Goes Like This

It was a Friday night in the summer time. Me (Gabe), my brother Dustin, and our two best friends were all at my house. We were up-loading a new video to youtube. It was of us singing. Weird huh? We want to be singers. We want to be the new boy-band. I tagged Cimorelli in it and asked them to watch the video. Read the story to find out more :).


5. Chapter 5

Gabe's POV.

   Some lady and a man were at the the door.

?:"Where were you girls! You made us worried sick!" the lady yelled at the girls.

Dani:"We where here all day mom.."

   So the lady must be all of the girls mom. The man must be their dad.

Mrs.C :"Well we didn't know that!" she yelled at Dani.

Mr.C :"And Lauren!" her father yelled. I quickly let go of her and she let go of me. "Who is this.. this boy?!"

Lauren:"Well dad.. This is Gabe and he is my boyfriend."

Mr.C's eyes lit up with anger. "You are to young to be dating. Plus i don't even this boy!"

"No im not dad! Why is Amy allowed to date but not me!? Amy is only two years older then me! You have to understand that i love Gabe. You or anything or anyone can't make me not love him!" Lauren yelled at her dad. She hugged me tightly and I hugged her back. Then she said one more thing.. not screaming but whispering, "I will always love him. You have to understand dad."

   Her dads eyes drained out all of the anger. Then he said,"Let's go girls. We are going to stay at a hotel a few minutes away. Lauren we will talk later."

Cimorelli Girls:"Ok dad."

   Everyone gave Matt, Dustin, and I their numbers. Then they walked out of the door.

Me:"I'll call you Lauren!" i shouted out of the door. She turns around and runs to me. She hugs me tight and i kiss her forehead. Then she runs back to the van and get's in. I watch the van pull away and then close the door.

   About 5 minutes after they left, Jake ran in the doorway.

Jake:"Where's everyone?"
Dustin:"They left."


Matt:"Hey Gabe. Can me and Jake crash here to night?"
Me:"Yea. We can all sleep down here."


   I turned on the T.V. Matt, Jake, and Dustin fell asleep. So i texted Lauren good night and went to sleep too.


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