It Goes Like This

It was a Friday night in the summer time. Me (Gabe), my brother Dustin, and our two best friends were all at my house. We were up-loading a new video to youtube. It was of us singing. Weird huh? We want to be singers. We want to be the new boy-band. I tagged Cimorelli in it and asked them to watch the video. Read the story to find out more :).


3. Chapter 3



Gabe's POV

Me:"I'm going for a walk. Anyone want to come?"

Lauren:"I will..."

Dani:"Aww the two love birds are going for a romantic walk at almost dark."

Lauren:"Shush it"

   I hold out my hand and she takes it.



   I told Lauren I'll be right back and ran upstairs. I flung open my bed room door and grabbed my iphone off of the charger. I ran back down stairs and took Lauren's hand again. We walked out of the house door hand in hand.

Lauren:"Where are we going?"

Me:"The park."


Me:"I Just hope Jay and Jack are not there.."

Lauren looked up at me and said, "who are they?"
Me:"Some jocks from my school. They go around and act like they run the whole world and bully people."

Lauren:"Oh. well i won,t let them bully you." She answered smiling that amazing smile.

Me:"Thanks Lauren." i said smiling back at her.

Lauren:"No Problem."

   We entered the park and i let go of her hand.

Lauren:"Are you ok?"

Me:"Y-Yea. It's just.. Jay and Jack are here.. Can you act like my girlfriend, please Lauren?"

Lauren:"Sure. Anything for you."


   We walk down the park road. Jack stops shooting the ball.

Jack:"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. A traitor.

Me:"Shut up Jack."

Jack:"No and who's this?" he asked pointing at Lauren.

Jay:"No way. It's Lauren Cimorelli. The hottest girl in the world."

   What Jay said got Lauren a little uncomfortable.

Me:"Leave her alone."

Jay:"No. How did an ugly guy like you end up with this sexy girl?"

   Lauren's face turned to pale. I could tell that she wanted to get away from them. She was scared. I put my arm around her waist to make her comfortable again. That helped her a little bit.

Me:"Shut up Ok! Look your hurting Lauren!" I said screaming now. "You need to stop calling her sexy and hot! You two don't even know her! Go away already! I won't let you hurt my Lauren! And i surely won't let you call her that!"

   Jack and Jay jumped. Jack started to walk up to me. I pushed Lauren behind my back. Jack was in my face now.

Jack:"Who do you think your are to yell at us?"

Me:"I'm Gabe Baker. I will stand up for my Lauren. Even if that involves life of deth."

Jack:"Well then" Jack punched me in the eye.

   I grabbed my eye. It hurt so bad.

Lauren:"HEY!! Don't punch Gabe!"

   Jack looked at Lauren.

Jack:"And what are you gonna do bout it babe?"

Lauren:"Don't call me babe either. I'm not your babe and i never will be. Now run along and play with your little boyfriends."

   All of Jack and Jay's friends that were there want ' Ohhhhhhhh.' Jack had a look of hate on his face. Finally him and Jay went back to playing basketball. Lauren ran over to me.

"Are you ok?

Me:"Yea. I'm used to it"

Lauren:"Let me see your eye"

   I moved my hand away. She gasped.

Lauren:"Your eye is black.."

Me:"I know. I'm fine though. Can we just get back to walking?"


   I get up off of the ground and grab Laurens hand again. I take her to my special place in the park that i only know about.

   The place was a cave. Hidden by trees and bushes. I put a bench and a little table in it along time ago.

Lauren:"Wow. This place is amazing."

Me:"I know. I found this place when i was a real little kid. I remember it like it was yesterday.."

Lauren:"Care to tell me the story?" she asked sitting down on the bench.

Me:"I don't mind. Ok.. When i was 5 i ran away from home for a few hours. I needed to clear my head. My dad died that day.. The only place i really knew was the park. So i ran here. I ended up finding this cave. I stayed here till 9 o'clock that night. And ever since then I've came back every once and a while."

Lauren:"Wow that's a sad and good story." she said looking at me.

   I caught her gaze.

Me:"Your the first person I've told. The first person i trust to keep the secret."

Lauren:"I won't tell anyone."

Me:"Thanks and thanks for sticking  up for me back there."

Lauren:"I should be the one saying thank you. You stopped those boys from scaring me."

Me:"Well i didn't try hard enough. You still got scared.."

Lauren:"You did what ever you could. You comforted me when i was scared Gabe. Thanks for that."  She said staring straight into my eyes. Then she smiled. I looked into her eyes. Then at her lips. I slowly leaned in. She did the same. Our lips touched. I felt sparks and i hope she did too.


Lauren's POV.

   Me and Gabe's lips touched. There were sparks. I knew my dad was gonna kill me for kissing a boy but right now i didn't care. It.. it felt so right. Our lips fit perfectly. I knew that i liked him. That i want him to be my first boyfriend and my first kiss. Well he is my first kiss but know i want him to be my boyfriend. I.. I love Gabe.

   We both pulled away at the same time slowly. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I knew what he was going to say. I just knew it.

" Lauren?" Gabe asked

"Yes" i said smiling.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked so sweetly.

   I smiled big and said, "Yes, Gabe. I would love to be your girlfriend."

   He smiled again and leaned in one more time. We kissed. It really did feel so right. Everyone including my dad will have to understand. I love Gabe and they will have to deal with it.





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