It Goes Like This

It was a Friday night in the summer time. Me (Gabe), my brother Dustin, and our two best friends were all at my house. We were up-loading a new video to youtube. It was of us singing. Weird huh? We want to be singers. We want to be the new boy-band. I tagged Cimorelli in it and asked them to watch the video. Read the story to find out more :).


2. Chapter 2

*Gabe's POV*

   I woke up the next morning to the front door closing.

   Mom: "Gabe! Get down here! You have some guests!!"

   Me: "Coming!" i shouted thinking to my self, who could it be?

   I put on some pants and run to the top of the stairs. When i get there, I can't believe my eyes. It's Cimorelli!! I kinda felt weird being shirtless.

   Amy: "We saw you and your friends video last night."

   Lisa: "We thought it was cool that you guys are one of our biggest fans... and we thought you were good singers."

   Katherine: "So we decided to visit you."

   Me: "Thanks, and how did you watch the video so fast?"

   Dani: " We were on youtube looking at random subscribers of ours and clicked on you... can you put on a shirt. I hate it when people do that."

   I smiled, "Sure. I'll be right back."

   As i turn around, Dustin comes running out of his room.

   Dustin:"Who's here?" he asks trying to look over my shoulder.


   Dustin:" REALLY!!"

   Me:"Yea. Well i got to get dressed"


   I walk into my room and close the door. I put clean jeans on with my favorite shirt that has black, blue, and red strips on it. There's a knock at my bedroom door. I put  colon on, check my hair in the mirror, and open the door.


   Me:"Hey, is Dustin driving you crazy?"

   Lauren:"No. I just i just wanted to talk to you"

   I flip my awesome hair and say.. "What about?"

   Lauren:"I heard what you said in the video, about how much you love us." I let her in to sit on my bed. I sat down next to her and said, "Yea umm... i never thought you guys would watch the video or show up at my house. So i said what i needed to say about you girls. People need to stop the hate as well."

   Lauren:"Yea and it's fine.. i thought it was sweet."


   Lauren:"Yea," she smiles that amazing smile. At that moment Christina walks in the room.

   Christina:"Oh sorry. Didn't mean to 'ruin' the moment," she said chuckling.

   Lauren looks at her like she needs to go away. Lucky i break that moment. 

   Me:"Well umm... do you want me to call up Matt and Jake so we can sing for you all?"

   Christina:"That's just what i was going to ask you."

   Me: "Ok. Hold on."

*Gabe's POV*

   I dial Matt's number. Lauren looks back at me. I'm staring at the ground waiting for Matt to answer. He doesn't answer. It goes right to voice mail. 

   Me:"He didn't answer"

   Christina:"Do you have Jake's number?"

   Me:"Oh yeaaa... I forgot about him." Lauren laughs

   Me:"Haha... yea let me call him."

   Christina:" Ok. Well I'm going back down stairs.. so when they are coming tell me please."


   I dial Jake's number. He picks up.

 *On The Phone*


Me:"Hey man, what's up?"

Jake:"Oh, hey Gabe! nothing much. You ok?"

Me:" Yea im fine, its just you and Matt need to get dressed and come to my place A.S.A.P. Cimorelli is here."

Jake:"their there?!?"

Me:" Yea," i smile up at Lauren and she smiles back (man how i love that smile) "Lauren  is here in my room with me."

Jake:"Ok! We'll be right over! Me and Matt!"

Me:"Ok, see ya here bro."



*Off The Phone*

Me:"Ok. they're coming."


   I stand up and hold my hand out to Lauren.

Me:"Come on. Lets go tell the others that Jake and Matt are coming."
Lauren:"Oh, ok."

 She grabs my hand and stands up. We walk down the hall to the top of the stairs to see Dustin making Dani laugh.

Me:"Umm.. They're coming."

Amy:"Ok and whats up with the hand in hand thing?"

   Lauren and i both look down and quickly pull our hands away from each other.

Lisa:"Aww.. those two are in lovee."

Dani:"Don't deny it. We all know the Gabe is the cutest out of all of them. We all agreed about it last night."

   I smiled and looked at Lauren.

Lauren:"... umm..."

Me:"Hey its ok. I know people love me"

   Everyone laughs including me. At that moment, the door bell rings. I ran down the steps and opened the door.

Me:"Jake. Matt. Come in. We have to sing."

Matt:"Yea yea.. what is it fo..."

   I whisper to Jake.."You didn't tell him yet?"


   Matt's staring at Cimorelli amazed and they all stair back at him. He looks back at me.

Matt:"How in the world did you get Cimorelli to come?"

Me:"I didn't. They watched our video. When you guys left, i put my address and how much it would mean to us to meet  them. I didn't think they would actually watch the video." i said looking at Lauren.

   Lauren looks back at me.

Dani:"what's up with all the looks between you two?" she asks suspiciously.

Lauren:"What?.. Nothing?!? What are you talking about?" Lauren looks at the ground with red cheeks.

Katherine:"Ok. Let's here G.M.D.J sing."

(A/N: G.M.D.J Is the band name...)

Me:"Yea c'mon guys."

   We line up in our line that we always do. Me and Jake in the middle with Matt on my side and Dustin on Jake's side. In our band Matt is the oldest. He's 19. I'm 14. Jake's 16. Dustin is 13. We started to sing 'DJ Got Us Fallin in Love Again. Doing one of our old covers.

   We finished the song and Cimorelli claps.

Me:"Now it's time for you to sing." pointing at Cimorelli.

Lauren:"Ok. What song?

Dani:"Let's sing 'Good Time'!"


   They start to sing and me and my boys clap along to the beat. They let us sing with them. The song ends and My boys and i clap.

Mom:"Is anyone hungry? I cooked dinner."

   I looked at my watch. Wow time flies when you are having fun.
Me:"Yea mom. We'll be right there."

   I walk to the dinner table with everyone behind me. I grab my plate and Lauren joins me. She sits next to me since that was the only seat left. Everyone grabs their plate and we all dig in. We talk and joke around with everything we know about. When everyone finished dinner, i was washing the dishes. When i fished i walked into the room where everyone else was.


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