Lust For You

Brianna was the good girl. Keyword was. When a certain curly haired hottie/bad boy enters the school, everything changes. Especially for Brianna.
You won't regret reading!!


2. Chapter Two

"Finally home," I said to myself. My dog Lux cam up to me and greeted me by licking my face. "Hi Lux! I missed you! Who's a pretty girl?" I babytalked to her. "Mom! Dad! I'm home!" I called. Silence answered me. "Apparently I'm alone. Great." I'm an only child, which is great actually. I was going to be a big sister when I was eight mom lost the baby. She was depressed for weeks. When I got in my room, my phone buzzed. A text from Al.

Al:Wanna go bowling later?

I sighed. Me:I wish, but I can't. I have homework...

Al:Oh well, ttyl8r.

I threw myself on my bed and I felt like falling asleep and never waking back up.... I almost did that. I fell asleep and woke up near midnight. I found a post-it note laying on the pillow next to me: Dinner's in the fridge. Didn't want to wake you up so Dad and I went out to the gym. Love, mom Well that's nice. I guess since they are both leaving for a business trip tomorrow, they wanted a night out together. My mom and dad have the same job. Pediatric surgeons. They're the perfect match for each other. I decided to skip dinner, slip into my pajamas and go back to bed. I forgot to do my homework but the teachers won't care. They practically worship my becuase of my smartness... ~ When I woke up in the morning, I said goodbye to my mom and dad and wished them good luck on the trip. "No boys," mom said. "Honey let her have some fun," My dad smiled, "Just make sure you use protection Bri." My mom looked harshly at dad and I laughed, "don't worry. I'm not planning on bringing a boy over to do...stuff." Mom hugged me and went to the car. Before dad left, he handed me ten one hundred dollar bills," Just in case," he said, "I also should give you these." He gave me a handful of condoms. "Dad!" Blood rushed to my face. I pushed him out the door laughing. ~ When I walked into science class, my usual seat next to Al was occupied. "Uh excuse me. I don't know who you are, but you're in my seat," I told him. He stood up from the seat and towered over me. I looked him over and realized that I've never seen him before. Dark, brown thick curls for hair, hazel eyes, muscular chest. Nope not familiar. "I'm sorry," he said," I couldn't find your name on it. But would you mind telling me what it is love?" He had a soft accent and a deep voice. Such a turn on, I realized. I stuck my hand out, "I'm Brianna. Call me Bri. You are in my seat that I've been sitting in since the beginning of the year and I'm nicely asking you to please move," I told him. "Harry," he took my hand and shook it, "I guess I'll just sit next to you then." Harry plopped down into the seat where Al was supposed to be. Where is he anyway? "You're new," I said to Harry. "Yup. As you can probably tell, I came from Cheshire England." I smiled, "cool." Harry was really cute. I think. It's not like he's interested in me anyway... "Bri, can I sit with you at lunch? It's still kind of hard adapting to the school," Harry asked me. "Sure, I mean, my friend Al is supposed to be here but I didn't see him today..." Harry nodded, "So I'll see you at lunch." ~ I figured out that Al was absent today and now I'm stuck with Harry. Which isn't so bad... "Hi Bri," Harry's low voice came from behind me, "What's for lunch?" As he walked next to me into the cafeteria, he grabbed my hand. I yanked my hand from his grip. "Harry we just met!" I was surprised. "Well I probably could resist a pretty girl like you," Harry smirked. I went near Harry's ear and teased him a little, "If you want us to be more...serious, then I suggest you work towards it." I whispered. "How?" "We need to know each other better I guess. Oh yay tacos for lunch," I handed him a lunch tray and put a taco on it. "Ok then come over my house after school." "Ok I will," I said. We sat down at a table and I heard Harry mumble," Can't wait to kiss those cute lips of yours." On the outside I was calm but my insides were screaming. "What was that?" I pretended that I didn't hear him. "Oh...nothing," Harry took a bite out of his taco. Something about Harry...just tells me to play hard to get. See if he's worth it.

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