Lust For You

Brianna was the good girl. Keyword was. When a certain curly haired hottie/bad boy enters the school, everything changes. Especially for Brianna.
You won't regret reading!!


3. Chapter Three

When the bell rang signaling the end of the school day, I didn't expect to see a text from Al on my phone.

Al: @ the hospital me or come becuz I need you!

In the hospital?! Oh crap. I guess I'm gonna have to cancel on Harry. Well, sisters before misters...huh that doesn't really work out right for Allen...

I walked up to him," hey."

He smiled, "Hi beauti-"

I cut him off, "No. Don't even. Listen I have to cancel on going to your friend he's in the hospital and it's important. We barely got to know each other and you are pushing me into this too quick. I was thinking about all this last period and I think maybe we can set up Is that ok?"

Harry didn't look too happy. At least he wasn't mad, "Yeah. See ya." Before he walked away, he yanked his beanie on his curls and walked away.


"Bri Bri!! How great to see you! Did you bring BoBo the monkey?" Allan called to me when I entered his hospital room. He had an arm cast and his leg was propped up in a cast. I looked at the nurse," Is he ok?"

She nodded her head," We just gave him very strong painkillers."

"What happened?"

Allan answered, "This big stupid poopyhead came up to me while I was walking to school and beat me up. He said 'that's what you get for being gay' when he was done with me. The last thing I heard was WEEE WOO WEE WOOOO WEEE WOO!! Then I blacked out."

That's pretty sad, "Oh Allan." I felt pretty sad for him. A lot of people bullied him for that. Guys think it's messed up when guys are dating each other but they think it's hot when girls kiss. What is with this world?

Allan was staying in the hospital for the night. I regret not going to Harry's house. I realized that I would be all alone at home... No I will not invite him over. I promised mom. I barely even know him yet. But I will get to know him.

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