Lust For You

Brianna was the good girl. Keyword was. When a certain curly haired hottie/bad boy enters the school, everything changes. Especially for Brianna.
You won't regret reading!!


1. Chapter One

I sat down in my homeroom seat, waiting for the bell to ring. Once it does, an ordinary, boring day will start. "Hey girl hey!" My best friend Allen came into homeroom and sat down in front of me. I smiled, "hey yourself, Al. Guess what? I heard a that Dylan Jutley confirmed that he's into guys now." I forgot to mention one tiny detail about Allen. He's gay. I'm okay with that and that's what I love about him. "Nah, Dylan's not even that cute...but I know who is! My mancrush of the day is Zac Efron," Al giggled. I nodded and said, "Al I totally agree but..." "But what?" The bell rang and everyone piled into the hallway. "Nevermind," I said, "see you at lunch." All my classes are advanced. Yeah, once someone hears my name they think, "Oh Brianna Williamson! The smart, nerdy chic!" My dad is rich and nobody knows that, besides Al. I guess people can tell based on the mustang I drive and the clothes I wear. Geometry class was the same, shapes and shit. ~ As I walk to my locker before lunch. I notice the Slut Squad. There are three members in the SS: The leader, Rebecca Hunters and her slaves, Lily and Gina. As usual she's in a mini skirt and boys drool when she passes them. I turned away when I passed her and sat down next to Al in the lunch room. "What were you saying in homeroom?" He asked. "Hm, I don't know. I think I forgot," I lied. I should've known that Allen never forgets anything, "let me refresh your memory," he said, "You were saying Al I totally agree but...and then you said nevermind. Which you say a lot." "Fine. I was gonna say that you can't just spend your days gushing over male celebrities when, let's face it, we both know that they won't date you." Immediately I knew I had hurt him. "Jeez, wake up and make my Monday worse..." He said. "I'm sorry Al. I really am. To show you how sorry I am, I'll hook you up with someone." Al tried to smile even though he looked doubtful,"Thanks Bri." I pushed my plate over to him, "Want the rest of my pizza?" Now he smiled, "Yay!" Surprisingly, Al swallowed it in one bite. "Hey Gaytard! You look mighty fine today!" Said a voice behind us. We both know that voice belongs to Matt Lamrod. He's the boyfriend of Rebecca and the dumbest guy in the school. I'm not surprised Rebecca's dating him. "Oh shut up Matt. You know you want some of this," Al yelled back at Matt. The whole cafeteria fell silent for a second and then erupted in laughter. Pure humiliation. I grabbed Al's hand and dragged him out of the cafeteria and into the library. We could still hear the laughter from here. "Why'd you say that?!" I asked him. "I don't know, it kinda seemed appropriate at the time. Then he giggled. I started giggling. At the same time we started cracking up. "I don't even know what to say," I tried to breath after laughing. The bell rang and lunch was over. "I'll see ya later!" Al called. I nodded and left the library. Now its time for English. You know, Shakespeare and shit.

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