Lust For You

Brianna was the good girl. Keyword was. When a certain curly haired hottie/bad boy enters the school, everything changes. Especially for Brianna.
You won't regret reading!!


4. Chapter Four

The weekend was finally here. Allan is doing OK in the hospital but his parents are a little upset. Harry...he's an unknown topic right now. I sighed. I'm home alone bored with nothing to do... I realized, I have money...that I can use. I'm going shopping. I grabbed my keys and stepped out and I saw a black motorcycle driving into my driveway. The driver took off his helmet and of course, it was Harry. "What are you doing here? How do you know where I live?" I questioned him when he got off his bike and started walking over to me. "I know people... You busy?" He said. "I'm heading out right now, to go shopping," I told him. Harry smiled his usual cute smile, "Great. I'm gonna take you out to lunch then." "Harry..." "No. I will definately not take no for an answer! Can't you just see that I won't give up?!" Harry yelled roughly. Harry could see the shock on my face. He did scare me. "Sorry. I can't control myself sometimes," His voice softened. "No kidding," I mumbled. Silence was left between us until harry grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up and over his shoulder. "Ahhh! Harry what the fuck are you doing?! Put me down!!" I screamed and squirmed in his firm hold. He put me in the passenger side of my car and he climbed in the driver seat. "Keys please," he held out his hand. I shook my head, "this is kidnapping." "At least it's not rape.." Harry mumbled, "Just give me the keys Bri." I didn't listen. I should've know he would've grabbed them out of my pocket. "I can't go shopping," I told Harry. He sighed, "You're so stubborn..." We pulled out of the driveway and I have no idea what to do. I'll just have to wait and see...
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