Lust For You

Brianna was the good girl. Keyword was. When a certain curly haired hottie/bad boy enters the school, everything changes. Especially for Brianna.
You won't regret reading!!


5. Chapter Five

Living in California has its benifits. The sunshine in the morning. Living near the shore. Everyday's beautiful. This is all I was thinking about as Harry continued to "force" me on a lunch date. The car ride stayed silent until we got there. It was coincedently my favorite restaurant called Ocean View. You eat outside at these blue clear tables that have tiny seashells in them and the chairs are made of light blue silk. There's a railing and an ocean right below the restaurant. The smell of salt was in the air when I stepped out the car. "I'm guessing you've been here before," Harry said as we walked to a table. It wasn't really a question but I silently nodded my head. A curvy, beautiful blond waitress came over to us to get our orders. She looked at Harry obviously enjoying the view, until she saw me there. "Hi welcome to Ocean View. What would you like today? Our special is Garlic shrimp in Alfredo pasta." "I'll have the special," Harry said. "And you?" I wanted the lobster so bad since I had it the last time I was here...but I don't want to make Harry think I'm enjoying this. I just did what I do best, stay silent. "She'll have the same." Harry ordered for me. "Beverages?" "Do you guys have beer?" Harry asked. "Yes but it's only allowed for people 21 and over...but I can get you some." She winked at Harry. Harry ordered root beer for me, I don't mind. "Brianna can you please say something?" Harry said when the waitress left, "I hope you aren't the jealous type..." I smirked, "I am so not the jealous type." "Then why the mean looks at the waitress?" Harry teased. "Oh nevermind..." "You have to admit Bri, this is kinda nice..." Harry had a faraway look in his eyes, "It's better than being in prison." I got curious, "You went to prison?" He nodded. "What for?" "You can find out another time." I sighed not wanting to argue. Our food and drinks came. We actually chatted a little. When we were done, the waitress came back to show us the check. I took out my purse to pay but Harry stopped me. "You're not going to pay. That would be wrong Bri. He took out his wallet and I saw plenty of hundred dollar bills. Wasn't expecting that. He gave the money to the waitress, "Thanks," She smiled, "Here's something for you." She handed a piece of paper to him and winked. Again. I saw seven digits with 'call me' written on it. Yep now I'm pissed. I grabbed the paper out of her hands and ripped it into little pieces. The remains were thrown in her face. "Yeah he won't be needing that." I got up and pushed past her. I walked to the railing and calmly looked out at the ocean. I heard Harry also get up to leave and I later felt his presence near me. "Not the jealous type eh," Harry laughed. His laugh is a melody to my ears. I had the urge to turn around and kiss him. I turned around too fast and my foot slipped through the railing. I screamed so loud Kansas could hear me. The ocean was beneath me and I felt light headed. Like I'm going to throw up. My left hand slipped off and I felt hands grab them to hold me up. It was Harry. " Harry don't let me go!" I desperately yelled. "Wasn't planning on it!" He smiled down and pulled me up. He barely struggled and once I was back on land I was so grateful. "Thanks." "No problem..." "No, I should thank you properly." I grabbed his shoulders and placed a soft kiss on his perfect lips. I could taste the beer that he drank. He was the one to pull away. "Bri you tease too much. You're into me, then you aren't. Maybe you're right. When you actually decide what you want, then we'll see." He tossed me my car keys, "You drive."
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