Hear Me (WIP)

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS STORY!!! It's about a boy who likes a girl yada yada yada, and he finally catches up with her, then bla bla, she dosnt want anything to do with him, and that's where the theme come in and he says "just hear me out"


1. Julia

Hey, I'm James, and I've been living here in the country for a short while. This is day 8 of my fabulous adventure.

"JAMES! Get your lazy hind down here! NOW!!!"

"Coming mom! gosh..." my mom can be so persistent sometimes. I rolled my eyes and got out of bed putting my flannel on while I walked downstairs.

My house isn't too fancy. It's just an old wooden thing with a deck and a dirty kitchen. Something you would expect to see in 'Charlottes web' or something.

"James would you mind taking out the garbage? It's getting pretty full."

"yeah sure, but before I do, where's dad?" I asked.

"oh he, uh-" she paused for a while cringing. "he took the long shift. He should be home say, 2:00."

"In the afternoon?" I said a bit shocked.

"No James, tomorrow morning. Get crackin' on the trash will ya?"

My mom never was too patient. Seeing her put up with just that 3 minutes of her time was quite an improvement in my book. She had a short pointed nose, blue eyes and creamy skin. Her hair was an auburn color, and she always pulled it up in a messy little bun on the top of her head. My dad however had a long stern nose with green eyes and tanish skin. His hair was just a blain black. Which makes no sense how my hair is blonde.

              I put a new liner in the garbage can and hurried upstairs before mom could give me another thing to do. I went to my laptop.

New message from: Larry

Larry was my best friend. He was always there, even when my mom and dad where fighting.

The message read, "Hey bro, we goin' to the part 2nite? I hear there gonna be girls there. Msg me back ASAP' Classic Larry, never willing to spell right. But of course I reply.

'Yeah totally. Can't wait to see what kinda girls they got.'

"send." I said.

I went halfway down the stair case and waited to hear something. silence. mom wasnt upstairs so I went out the back way just incase she wasn't in the front yard.

The back way wasn't anything special, just a oversized doggy door I put in for Tommy, my dog. He died just days after we got it for him, but we still keep it for old time sake.

                 It was almost 8:00 by the time I had gone to the market and gotten some snacks for me and Larry. Larry was at the least 6 foot tall. me? oh I'm only 5" 4'. oh well.

"Yo yo yo! James!" Larry shouting.


"So the girls are gettin here in bout 40 minutes. other guys should be hear in only 5."


              Everyone was there and we were having a great time. The lights where so bright, I bet the planes could see us.

"Yo James," said Larry. "See that girl over there? That's Julia. Probably the most attractive girl in all of the South bro!"

I looked. "She sure is pretty." I said.

"Yo you should make ya move man! Chicks are all over ya now, just SHE'S the one you wanna impress."

Casual Larry. Maybe I would Make my move. She was attractive, or as Larry would say, HAWT. "I'll think about it."


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