Imperfection {A 1D/Styles Fan Fiction}

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Harry Styles meets the perfect girl. Her name is Madeline. Harry desperately tries to find her again. Madeline is always in Harry's head after they meet, and it's driving Harry crazy. (Metaphorically, of course.)


1. 1. New York, New York

Hello there! I just want to say, thanks for taking time to read a fanfic that has just begun. Any feedback would be appreciated. (As would votes, but that doesn't really matter to me.) I will update every day if I can. Unless I have writer's block. Then you'll have to wait a few more days. Anyways......Enjoy!


- 人生 滝野
Takino Jinsei

This is probably going to be one giant flashback. Just warning you.









1. New York, New York




I'm not perfect. I have my flaws. I've made mistakes. Some say I'm the most imperfect girl. I think I'm just like anyone else. Everyone has flaws, we've all made a mistake or two. And everyone.....has been hurt.


My mom used to say to me, "The loneliest people are the kindest, the saddest people smile the brightest, and the most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don't wish to see anyone else suffer they way they did." And she was right. I didn't realize it until I meet someone who turned my world upside down.








"Get yer ass in the goddamned taxi!" My dad cursed at me. He wasn't always like this. But that was before Mom died. Mom was both our worlds. And when she died, they just came....crashing down. 


I got into the taxi, and waited for my dad to climb in with me. But instead, he shut the door and told the driver to take me somewhere called, " 1465 LaGuardia Avenue". My dad pulled his head away from the driver after handing him a wad of cash, and the taxi drove off into the distance.



The drive was long, and I finally reached 1465 LaGuardia Drive. It was on Staton Island, and the house was fairly large. In the front was a couple, which was Aunt Merdyl and Uncle Bob. "Hello Uncle Bob, Aunt Merdyl." I greeted them, my suitcase in hand. They greeted me, and ushered me inside. 


Aunt Merdyl took my suitcase upstairs, and Uncle Bob gave me 50 dollars to get us all coffee. I loved Aunt Merdyl and Uncle Bob, so I was glad to get the coffee. Uncle Bob's favorite coffee came from a coffee place in Times Square, which is where I took the subway. I entered the coffee shop, not noticing the screaming girls coming down the street. 


I took my place in the line, standing behind someone wearing a black leather coat, a heavy, gray plaid scarf, Hollister jeans, and neon green-black DC shoes. Very stylish. The person in front of me turned around after someone shouted, "Harry!" It was a boy about a year or two older than myself. After he turned, he looked at me. 


"Yes?" I asked, confused. The boy's face became a soft, pink color.


"I-It's nothing. Sorry." He replied. His voice had a slight British accent. He seemed tense, and a bit flustered, so I decided to ease the tension.


"Alright," I smiled. "My name is Madeline. And you are?" He stared at me, a shocked look on his face.


"Harry. Harry Styles." He replied, his face still a bit pink.


"It's nice to meet you, Harry Styles." I giggled a little, finding his response a bit James Bond like. 


"What's so funny?" He asked, chuckling a bit.


"The way you introduced yourself reminded me of a movie." I replied, moving forward as the line moved forward.


"James Bond?" Harry asked me. I nodded. He laughed. "I hit that spot on."


"Yes, you did." I replied. Harry looked at me, staying silent, as if he was thinking about something. "How about I buy you a coffee?" He asks.


"Oh no, I couldn't ask you to do that!" I quickly responded. He didn't have to spend money on a girl he just met. "No, I insist." Harry smiled. I sighed, and gave in. "Alright, but only if I can pay you back somehow and if I can go first. I have to buy coffee for my aunt and uncle too." He agreed and let me go in front of him.


The barista asked me what I wanted. "One caramel mocha lattè, hot chocolate Oreo cookie frappe." I replied. The total price was $45.95. Harry put fifteen dollars on the counter, and I took out $30.95. After I got the coffee, Harry ordered, and I set the drinks on a table. 


"Madeline, which one is the hot chocolate?" I looked up, and there stood my aunt and uncle. "This one." I pointed at the one labeled, "Hot Chocolate". I gave my uncle his change, and began to sip my frappe when he asked me how I could save fifteen dollars. That's when Harry walked up, coffee in hand. 


"I paid for her coffee." Harry answered for me. I looked at him, then back at my aunt and uncle. "Aren't you Harry Styles from One Direction?" My aunt asked. That's when a blonde haired boy threw his arm around Harry's shoulders and replied. "Yes, yes he is." The boy's voice came out with an Irish accent, and Harry glared at him. "Niall!" I laughed, amused by the two. Harry and his friend, Niall looked at me, Harry smiling.


"But why did you buy my NIECE a coffee?" She continued to asked.


"Because. Madeline seems like a nice girl." Harry replied. Niall looked at Harry. "So you two are on a first name basis, huh?" He wiggled his eyebrows. "I can't wait to tell the guys!" Harry's eyes widened. "Don't you-!" Niall ran off, and Harry set down his coffee. "I'll be right back. Niall, get back here!" Harry ran off after Niall, who was with three other boys. They all seemed to be mocking Harry, whose face was now beat red. 



I couldn't let him get mocked, it was just cruel to do nothing. So I picked up his coffee and mine, excusing myself from my aunt and uncle. I walked over to the group. "Hello. Here you go Harry." I handed him his coffee.  "So you must be Madeline." The one who talked was a boy with dark hair that had a streak of blonde in it. He was also British. "I am. It's nice to meet you."


"Madeline, this is Liam, Louis, Zayn, and.....well, you already know Niall." Harry introduced me to his friends. "So are you a fan?" Louis asked. I cocked my head, confused by the question. "Depends. Am I fan of what?" The boys all looked at me, mouths gaped. "O-Of One Direction. Us." I blinked. "Are you like....a club or something?"



Harry chuckled. "No. Not a club. We're a band. Do you see them out there," He pointed at the window, which had a large quantity of girls with their faces squished up against the window. "Those are our fans." Usually, I wouldn't have believed them, but the girls in the window were wearing clothing that had their faces on it. "Oh," I turned back to the group. "I'm sorry about not recognizing you guys or anything."


"Have you ever seen X-factor or heard a song called What Makes You Beautiful?" Liam asked. I shook my head no, then explained to them that I didn't have cable, a radio or internet at my old home. They seemed even more shocked, which was understandable. 


After a few hours, Harry and I were alone. We spent that time talking, and getting to know each other. We left the coffee shop, and I walked Harry to his hotel. He was pretty famous after all, and I wouldn't be surprised if a crazed fan kidnapped him if he was alone and I left him alone. I explained this to him, and he laughed, agreeing with me. 


"I had a good time. I hope I see you again, Madeline." Harry said. I smiled. "Same here." We hugged, and I left when he went inside. After that, I took a taxi home.









And so ends the first chapter of Imperfection. I hoped you enjoyed, and that you tell me how I did, considering this was my first time writing a 1D fan fiction, oddly enough. xD



- 人生 滝野
Takino Jinsei

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