End Of The Road

She paints a pretty picture, but this story has a twist. Her brush is her razor and her canvas is her wrist~ When harry meets Bailey he has no idea of her past. Bailey Mckenzie has shut down, she is depressed. But what will Harry do when he figures out the lies?


2. Warrior

I feel so lost. This city is so dead. It's amazing how such a small town in Florida could have so many potential threats. They leave me unsatisfied and shaken with fear. I'm so misunderstood. I stand in the low light in my room fixed on the mirror. It's like a magnetic pull but at the same time I wish I could drop dead from the truth. I see myself so differently. I pulled my brunette hair up into a topknot and decided to leave my face bare. I can't stand to see those skinny hoes at school that cake their makeup on like there is no tomorrow. Like seriously do they do it on purpose? I little here and a little there is fine for me but a big blob of blue eye shadow and lipstick smeared along there teeth is just unnatural. I am socially awkward I guess you could say. I'm not the one to make the music, I sit back and listen to the melody. The details in particular, the notes and pitch are the key. Music is my life. I pushed through my closet searching for a shirt until I found my aqua blue Hollister t-shirt and my gray jacket. I slipped on my white skinny jeans and my new lace shoes. I try my best to fit in and get with the program but sometimes it's hard. I put on my silver heart shaped necklace I always wear and I grabbed my phone along with my bag and I was out the door. I took a deep breath and stepped on the bus. I could hear sly remarks coming from the freshman in the first two seats. I was known well as "the pushover" but I can't say I live up to my name any longer. I took all the hate and bundled it up for so long until I turned into "the bitch". I took a seat and looked around at empty faces full of hate. I was killed by society.

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