End Of The Road

She paints a pretty picture, but this story has a twist. Her brush is her razor and her canvas is her wrist~ When harry meets Bailey he has no idea of her past. Bailey Mckenzie has shut down, she is depressed. But what will Harry do when he figures out the lies?


1. Broken

Depression... that's what it feels like. You get out of it's hold, take a breath of relief when you feel yourself relaxing slightly and then all it takes is one second and it all comes crashing back down, pulling you back with 101 reasons as to why you're not good enough. It covers your mouth so you can't talk to anyone, grabs hold of the places you're the most insecure and squeezes them, making them hurt even more. It all gets darker in a split second.

My name is Bailey Mckenzie. I have three more years of school until I'm done. Done with bullies, done with drama, and completely done with everything. I hope to move on and to become a better person and fulfill my life. Ha-ha That's funny right, yeah I thought so. I remember when I was younger. 6 years old, blue ribbon streaming from my hair. Pigtails, toothless smile; mirror am I pretty yet? 10 years old, ponytail, bobby pins, taming my messy hair, chubby thighs, crooked smile; Mirror am I pretty yet? 14 years old, straight hair, lipstick, mascara running down my face, trembling knees, broken smile; Mirror am I pretty yet? 16 years old, messy bun, chapped lips, sobbing eyes and bloody wrists. Bony thighs, fake smile; mirror am I pretty yet? That question rests in my mind at night. When will I be good enough? I almost wish I could go back, go back before the trouble began. Back when I had dreams. When I dreamt of being a ballerina, a teacher, a doctor. I want to dream again, but every time I try it always turns into another nightmare. No one knows how I feel, honestly I don't even know how I feel. It's like a never ending kind of feeling. I can't remember the last time I was happy. It's all a blur.

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