Seekers (Alexandra Taylor)

Alexandra Taylor just wants to live her normal life in 1752. But a man named Camry changes her life forever by changing her into a new species... Seekers! Our protectors aren't as normal as they seem. Follow Alexandra's life when the rule breaker falls head over heels with a ice manipulator, and her life gets turned upside down forever! Travel in time with the 200 year old Alexandra and find out what people have been talking about!


5. Chapter 4 (1813)

    My mouth was open wide at who was at the door. A man in a red cape, tunic, and tights was at my door. This was no ordinary man. He had a gold crown with jewels and guards behind him.

    "Ms. Taylor?" He asked with a smile. He had a raspy voice. So many questions were swirling in my head. Why was he here? Why did he want me? How did he know me? How did he find my hiding place?

     I could only think of one word," Present," I answered.

     "I am sorry to bother you bother you Ms. Taylor, but I saw you at the bread shop and couldn't help but notice-."

     "I am so sorry King Henry! I didn't see you if I would have seen you, I have bowed. I am sorry!"

     He looked surprised by my sudden outburst. He grabbed my chin and tilted it up, "No Ms. Taylor let me finish please," He got on one knee, "You are such a beautiful person. I ask for your hand and I want you to be queen of Spain."

     I was dreaming. In no shape or form would I be able to be queen. Because of my rank, my race, and my background. This must be a joke. He must have me mistaken me for somebody else, even though it was impossible. 

    It would be nice to be queen. Queen Alexandra Taylor ruler of Spain. I looked around lost for words and nodded quickly. He took a hold of my hand, and shouted orders at the guards now opening the door to a carriage.

    He had pale skin and bright blue eyes. His brown beard went to his face. He looked unusual to be from Spain but then again... So was I. I should be a slave, not queen. God will punish me for upsetting the balance of the Kings and Queens. 

    I could see it now in the papers 'King Henry now wed to a African of blue eyes'. I also thought of my full name now. No longer will it be Alexandra Cassandra Taylor, it would be Alexandra Cassandra Smith. I heard that King Henry wasn't really from Spain so maybe I could be an exception.

    I tried to tell him everything about myself without revealing too much about myself and my role to the world. He was sweet and caring, I started to doubt these rumors about his cruelty. He kept talking about how he felt about me in the bread shop, "I saw you and I just knew he would be perfect. For me and my country. I asked the owner to get your name and followed you. I must get your name."


    "Beautiful name. It reminds me of the strong woman I call my mother."

    "You're mother has the same name as me?"

    "Yes. But not a face as wonderful as yours. He have to tell me how a Spanish person like you has blue eyes." Of course he thought I wasn't African I was light so he just thought from Spain. I could just be a little bit darker than the rest of them. 

    "My family all had blue eyes. Pasted down from the white they had married."

     "Fascinating!" He marveled.

     He took it upon himself to sit close to me to touch my exposed shoulders and stroke my hand. He told me about his wife's death recently. He seemed to be sensitive. I had to tell Deseray and Camry about my position now. Worry filled me. How do I explain sneaking out to my husband to be? Guards will be every where I go. I really didn't plan this well.

    Once we got to the castle and the bridge was lowered I was in awe. He had to explain everything to me from food, rooms, servants, anything you could name.

    When we came to our room I stood in the doorway frozen. It was as big as my whole cottage. I thought my old room was big! The windows were made so you could sit on the window sill. The bed was beautiful! Red with hints of gold here and there. It had curtains so when you wanted privacy you can close the sides.

    He grabbed a hold of my hand and twirled me so that I now faced him. His lips touch mine and I felt my legs grow weak. He looked into my eyes as his hands traveled to my back, "My men will get your things-."

    "No," I interrupted quickly, "No I want to go say good bye to the old home."

    He smiled and bowed," As you wish my queen."


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