Seekers (Alexandra Taylor)

Alexandra Taylor just wants to live her normal life in 1752. But a man named Camry changes her life forever by changing her into a new species... Seekers! Our protectors aren't as normal as they seem. Follow Alexandra's life when the rule breaker falls head over heels with a ice manipulator, and her life gets turned upside down forever! Travel in time with the 200 year old Alexandra and find out what people have been talking about!


4. Chapter 3 (present day)

I sat in my 3 bedroom apartment, on my leather black sofa. My theme was black and white so I guess Deseray did good. Even after 200 years of fending for myself I still wasn't "old" enough to pick out my clothes and pick out furniture. I guess part of me feels I owe it to Deseray for putting up with me all these years. What's wrong with me? I've been chased by things that I would have never imagined existed 200 years ago and I still put myself in danger. I should've took that guy with me. I have never failed a mission before, why was this so hard. I never doubted Camry before, why now? When I meet a guy that's cute. Was that my weakness? I was one of the best Camry had even though I never followed the rules. That's probably why Camry hasn't kicked me out of the community and let me out to die yet. Camry was going to kill me. What if my gut was wrong and Bobby was a bad guy? Had I just let a man go and let him hurt innocent people? Even though Camry never gave me a legitimate reason for hunting this man down I didn't question it. Why would I question him now? Camry probably hated Bobby but I didn't hate Bobby. He sprouted feelings I never knew existed anymore in me. And I was crazy for liking a guy I had just met. If just one touch set my whole body on fire, imagine what a kiss or a caress would do to me. I would probably melt. Just the way his touch felt on my skin made me get the chills. I needed to feel his touched again. Then someone knocked on my door and made me lose my train of thought. I jumped up and ran up to get the door. "Deseray!" I squealed and hugged her. I was always excited to see what crazy new outfit she wore. Today she wore a gray shirt with a mini leather jacket, leather pants, and gray leather boots. I knew she had to have something crazy with her outfit but today it was only a gray fedora with a black feather. That's the outfit I've seen her wear since 2000. " Hey I see you're still in your outfit. You look nice. Who picked that wonderful outfit of yours?" She smiled an pushed past me to get by. I looked outside to find her husband, "Wheres Devin?" I asked. "In the car, he's sick. Plus I told him it would be quick." I rolled my eyes while she made herself comfortable on my couch. "He wanted to come up but I said to stay in. It's freezing out there!" She examined a black and white vase. " I think it's time to redecorate," she declared. Her brown eyes twinkled. Her jet black hair was shoulder length which she dyed constantly. It wasn't fair that she got the short hair and I got the long one that made me SUPER hot in the summer time. "But we decorated two weeks ago," I whined and plopped down on my couch. "Yeah because the purple and white was hideous. Now the black and white looks....plain." " We'll we can't all change our houses everyday." "We all need a little change once and a while." I had a feeling we weren't talking about my apartment anymore. I compared her appearance to Devin's. His green eyes and short black hair goes together perfectly with her appearance. Like they were made for each other. But that's the goal, our bonded ones are suppose to be made for us. His broad shoulders at least LOOKED like he had the upper hand in the relationship. They had been married at least 3 years. They make it seem like they had been married forever. "Alexandra I think we both know why we're here," Her face had turned stern and serious. I should have known. She was here to collect Bobby from me. I didn't have him, I didn't want he to take him. Camry sent Deseray to collect people for information or for execution. "I couldn't find him ," I lied. Big mistake! She could tell when I was lying. She stared at me intensively. She knew something. Just when I knew I caught. Devin walked through the door. Life saver! I guess it was a good thing I always forget to lock my door, although I really should lock my door. "Devin Honey, you were suppose to stay in the car," Deseray stood. He held up a bag of what looked like outfits. "You forgot the clothes," He turned to me, "Hey Alexandra." He looked sick with a red nose and a sore throat. I waved and looked at Deseray. She handed me a bag and I carefully took the contents out. I saw a red off the shoulders long dress with matching had bag, 6 inch red heels, and silver dangling earrings. I looked at her and nodded. Maybe I could curl my hair. I rarely do it but this looked like a good occasion. She placed a yellow folder on the coffee table. Of course, there's always a catch! What's the plan?" I asked. "So, Camry needs you to get a emerald from a witch hunter. In return you give the witch hunter this folder. It gives him everything he needs to know about the witch he's looking for." "So basically, we're selling a witches fate to the devil." Deseray shrugged. "So I guess I'm bait then." I say. I don't know why Im always assigned to the the same witch hunter but I guess I can do it, "I'm on it," I finally say. "Oh like you were on today's mission?" She teased. "I wasn't focused, I'll get this mission done." She walked out the door with Devin. When Deseray was out the door, Deseray stopped to say, "You know you can't dismiss that mission right? Ill buy you more time Alexandra but you need to get this mission done. Get the guy." I nodded and she shut the door behind her. I ran to the door and locked it. I collapsed against the door. What was I gonna do?
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