Seekers (Alexandra Taylor)

Alexandra Taylor just wants to live her normal life in 1752. But a man named Camry changes her life forever by changing her into a new species... Seekers! Our protectors aren't as normal as they seem. Follow Alexandra's life when the rule breaker falls head over heels with a ice manipulator, and her life gets turned upside down forever! Travel in time with the 200 year old Alexandra and find out what people have been talking about!


3. Chapter 2 (1813)

     It was cold even though I wore a long black robe over my black long sleeved dress. The laces in the black we're killing me but the snowy weather was relieving the pain. I told Camry not to supply me with dresses because the dresses were always were a little too small. But it was deseray my stylist that picked them out. 

    I stepped into my little cottage home. It was close to the trail where I can go and collect my thoughts. Spain was a place with many attractions... Yet I lived far away from any villagers. Just like Camry said. He feared that when I matured my eyes would finally changed color like everyone else. And we couldn't risk the villagers finding out and executing me, probably for witchcraft, which is not the case.  

     My home was cozy with a fireplace and kitchen area. One bedroom which was marvelous with  a beautiful blood red bed and, long red silk curtains. I had a wood dresser and small table for my lamp. Camry supplied me with everything I needed.    

   I disliked the position I was in. It was lonely no humans. I had moved so many times I had a getaway carriage where ever I had lived, which Camry had requested. I hated fighting off creatures, I hated living in fear. Knowing I might be called upon to kill a vampire harming others anytime. Even though I healed fast the wounds hurt and I had to live with it. I hated finding things just to gain power. I just gave them to Camry anyways to heal an injured seeker or make a new one. And when they rose they were fine with it. I couldn't understand it. I had even tried to cut my hair and it grew back in seconds. Nevermind my old looks, my eyes, my face, my body. It would never be the same because seekers were suppose to beautiful flawless creatures, just like the rest of the creatures (vampires, werewolves, and witches). From what I saw at the grand house with glowing walls I would say all seekers WERE beautiful. They were all beautiful men and women. Every seeker is suppose to live there including me. But I prefer to live as far away as possible. It makes it hard to stay away when I no choice but to go thee for training sessions.

    Deseray was my only friend. Every friend I had was long gone and so was my life.

     Then there was a knock on the door. I already made myself comfortable on my chair in the dining room. I took my hood off of my head and unbraided my French braid. I thought about what Camry had said to me when he was explaining our kind. He said once you were reborn you were automatically destined for another seeker. Once you found them you were bonded for eternity. That sounds like a long time to be with them. Especially if you haven't met that person and all the sudden you were suppose to spend the rest of the life with them. I was tired of waiting for the person, I wanted to feel love. 

    Then someone pounded even harder on the door and I jumped. I hoped that the person would just leave after a few minutes but they didn't. If I waited any longer this person would break the door. I got up and draped the my robe over a chair. I opened my door and gapped. I couldn't move. "It's you!" I managed to say.


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