Seekers (Alexandra Taylor)

Alexandra Taylor just wants to live her normal life in 1752. But a man named Camry changes her life forever by changing her into a new species... Seekers! Our protectors aren't as normal as they seem. Follow Alexandra's life when the rule breaker falls head over heels with a ice manipulator, and her life gets turned upside down forever! Travel in time with the 200 year old Alexandra and find out what people have been talking about!


2. Chapter 1 (Present day) I i

     I sat in the crowded bar. Camry told me I'd find him here. I just didn't know who he was and what I wanted him for. But I could kinda trust Camry knows what he's doing. 

     For as long as I've lived I've moved 26 times because I was close to being found out or I lived there too long. I had to live with my fate. So far I have found 3 emeralds for Camry. These items make us stronger, thus the name seekers. 

    I had a black sleeveless dress that went just below my knees, under my black rain coat that was just a little bit longer than my dress. My boots with 3 inch heels went 2 inches below my rain coat. I never had leather anything in the 1700's now my rain coat and boots were made of it.

   I tried some experiments with my powers over the years. I have recently found out I can read minds, so I guess I was special after all. My hair never grew past my lower back and it grows rapidly. I learned to live with my mood ring eyes, I didn't spend a lot of time with humans. No matter how hard I tried it changed color. Red meant angry, Dark blue meant sad, green meant happy, light blue meant interested and relaxed, and purple meant passionate or otherwise love. Those were the common ones I have felt during my time.

   When I first meant Camry I should've asked him what we were protecting humans from. Dangerous ones like vampires, werewolves, witches, and rejects. Rejects were people with powers that didn't have titles. They were suppose to be these evil serpents that have weird powers and didn't know how to use them, so they they use them the only way they can.... Evil purposes. Camry told me that but I don't believe a person can just have powers and just randomly decide to use them for evil. But books like twilight just get humans excited to be near those monsters and that's what we,re here for.

   I read some drunk guys mind. It was perfect when they were drunk because their mental shields were down. He was thinking  about hitting on a woman in a tight yellow dress and taking her home. I quickly pulled out of his mind when he was thinking about what he was gonna do with her, when he brought her home. Not the man I was looking for. I quickly skimmed other people's minds. Some were harder to get into than others but I managed. Then I saw a man with blue eyes, fair skin, and short brown hair. He was well built and had a very handsome face. He looked a little tense but I could easily find out what was wrong with him. His hair was silky, I was tempted to run my hands through it. I tried to ease myself into his mind but something was blocking me. I knew this was the guy I was looking for. 

    I got up and walked to the counter closest to him. Jackpot! Just a few feet away from him. He was sitting at a table for two with a blue table cloth and materials. He was making..... Jewelry perhaps? I knew the cloth was his, maybe he was into fixing things. I was good at figuring people out. I was always good at that.

   He glanced up at me, crap! He looked like a supermodel with his supermodel glare. Then he smiled at me and I smiled back. He went back to trying to put two parts together, he looked frustrated. I couldn't fight the urge to help him. His frustrated vibe made me feel frustrated.

   "Can I help you..... With your pieces I mean." I asked.

   He gazed at me, "No I got it." He looked down then up at me again, "Would you like to buy one of these?" He held up a necklace with a crystal on it. But it wasn't emerald,

    "Are you a builder?" I said excitedly hoping to connect with someone.

    He shook his head and clipped a chain together but this one didn't have a crystal. Just then he built one made of ice in his palm. I knew he was different! "I can manipulate ice. I'm Bobby." He stretched out a hand toward me.

     "Alexandra." I said shaking his hand. I looked around to make sure no one saw him. Luckily no one saw. I leaned in and whispered I his ear, "You should be more careful who you share your secrets with." 

     He smiled and whispered in my ear, "But you're one of me, so why hide?" I pulled away and looked at him puzzled. He smiled, "Your eyes gave it away..... They turned purple. Whatever that means." I smiled. It's ok he probably thinks I'm one of him, a reject.

    He smiled, "You can have one," He held a necklace out to me, "On the house."

    I touched my heart, "I couldn't."

    " I insist, for protection." He took his hand into mine. I felt brief electricity in my hand when he touched it. I felt my eyes change color as he took his hand away to reveal the necklace in my hand.

    He looked at me, "Your eyes turned dark blue," He smiled, "That's cool, you are too." If he weren't wanted then I would have kept him for myself. Sadly Camry wanted him. "I love your eyes. Their beautiful.... Like you." He said as he kissed my hand and sat down. I was gonna melt in my seat.

    He made me feel something when I was with him. I couldn't explain the urge to touch him and talk to him, just by looking at him. I placed the necklace in my raincoat pocket. "Thank you for the necklace."

    "You're not gonna put it on?"

     I opened my mouth to speak but he was already up reaching out to take the necklace from my pocket. I stayed as still as a statue watching his movements. He grabbed the necklace and moved my hair to the side. Every part of my neck he touched I shivered. And after his fingers moved from that spot it was like my skin was on fire. This wasn't normal. My attraction to him wasn't good nor was the urge to touch him. To let my fingers roam is forbidden, because Camry needed him. I didn't want Camry to have him, I wanted him...... Bad!

   When the sensation on my skin stopped I turned to him, "Thank you."

   He smiled, "No problem." He kissed my cheek and sat down.

    I had to force myself not to go crazy when he did so. I had to leave these feelings were going to be the death of us I knew it. I touched my cheek then scrambled up to leave, "I have to leave."

    He looked up at me puzzled, "Will I see you again?" He asked. His innocent personality tore at my heart. He couldn't have done anything wrong. He had to be in his late teens or early twenties. And I am over 200 years thinking about doing the dirty with him. I urged myself to walk foreword and I glanced back at his puzzled face one more time before leaving

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