Legends Of Berk: The Outcast Colony

A Legend Tells Of One Boy Who Can Save Them From The Outcast, Who Can Free Berk From Alvin The Treacherous. He's Been Looking For That One Boy. Who Knew That One Boy Was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third? *AU How To Train Your Dragon Fic*


2. Chapter One

Chapter One

                The first thing I notice when they bring her back is the new cut on her arm. She looked as strong as ever though and I knew nothing had really changed. I give her a slight smile and she gives me one back. The Outcast guard leaves the building. Things have changed since the death of the chief and anyone important. Us teens have grew up as Outcast but because of the Berk blood that runs through us all, we are kept as prisoners. We are used as slaves and are abused almost every day.

“Astrid,” I whispered as soon as I knew no one could hear the conversations that would be going on, “Are you okay?” She looked at her arm and sighed.

“I guess,” She answered and then someone butted into our conversation.

“I wouldn’t talk if I were you,” One of the other teens spoke. He was always trying to impress Astrid and get me in trouble, “Cause we all know what happens when we talk,” Yeah. One of us gets whipped and maybe even fed to the dragons. With the small number of teens, the dragon thing isn’t a problem. Most of us won’t even last until adulthood.

“Is Ruffnut back?” A voice asked.

“No. Haven’t seen her,” The boy from before said.

“I wasn’t asking you Snotlout,” The other guy said.

“No fighting with words guys,” Astrid said, “Tuffnut, she should be back soon,” Tuffnut was always worrying about his sister. There wasn’t a day when he didn’t worry about her, even though he would deny it when she got back. A minute or two later, the female Viking was shoved into her cell. We were all here now, but it wouldn’t matter. A couple Outcast guards got us and marched us to the mess hall. We stayed close to each other, trying to look tougher than we were around the Outcast guards. My group of ‘friends’ stayed toward the front of the line whereas the other Berk teens were at the back. I hoped we wouldn’t run into the Outcast teens. They always got Snotlout and Ruffnut mad.

“Uh Hiccup,” Astrid whispered in my ear as she pointed her hands at a group of teens, “Fishlegs spotted them,” I frowned. Just what I didn’t want to happen; they’re in the hall.

“Hello there Berk teens!” One said with a smirk, “Enjoying your chains?”

“Come over here and I’ll show you how much we enjoy them,” Snotlout retorted.

“I’m with you on that one!” Tuffnut said. The guards spoke.

“No talking to anyone with Outcast blood. You know the punishment. Once more and all of you get to see Alvin,”

“Alvin doesn’t scare me!” Snotlout said and the guard stopped the line. Some of us ran into each other.

“You should have heaved my warning. Hog, we’re going to see Alvin,” That’s when I knew Snotlout was a complete idiot.

                We all went to see Alvin one-by-one. Today was his day on our island. Since I was first in line, I was the first to see our leader. When I was pushed in, he sighed.

“I have to punish you teens way too much,” He said as looked at me. I looked straight at him, “You know what, this is what I’ll do. I’ll send a couple of you into the wild with nothing to see if you survive,” I did not like that idea, “But you won’t be one of them. You’ll be fun to mess with though,” Alvin snapped and I frowned. The whip. That wasn’t good. His second in command handed him a long black whip. Alvin smirked, “Ready for your punishment, Hiccup?”

                By the time he was done with me, the guards had to carry me back to my cell. Alvin shortened my meal supply as well. I hoped that Astrid would come out better than me. I was laid on the floor and then the guard went away. I ended up falling asleep before the others were returned.

                When I woke up, I was being dragged outside. It was really early in the morning, so I had no idea why I would be pulled out of my cell. The others were pulled out as well and we were all brought to a fire. Two bodies laid side-by-side next to the fire. I could tell they were dead.

“It’s a sad thing when you have to die,” Alvin said as he walked up, “Let this be a lesson to you rebellious teens! Try to escape and die,”

“Oh man. I really wish the legend would come true right about now,” One of the other teens muttered nearby. I glanced in the teen’s direction. What legend? We were all sent back to our cells. I would have to find a way to ask about the legend.

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